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Spark-lay! Plus Free Book Inside!

October 5th, 2010 by
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I’m Zoe Winters, and I’m a Monster Minimizer. I’m one of those people who decided things that go bump in the night should be turned into sexy fantasy material. For this reason, I don’t write zombies. I haven’t figured out how to make them sexy yet. Which is probably for the best because Amanda might come hunt me down.
Zombies are probably the only monster that is safe from me and most of us that write paranormal romance. Vampires, demons, werewolves… those I’ll turn into heroes. I blame Buffy for this sexy monster fixation. Before Buffy, I thought vampires were icky. They’re dead for God’s sake. And pale. And they drink blood. Just eww.
But then came Spike and Angel, and I thought…. hmmm vampires can be a little sexy. Okay, truth time… by the time Spike showed up on the screen I thought vampires can be a lot sexy. Since then we’ve had all sorts of pop-culture vampires that have been significantly less icky than Nosferatu. Dracula 2000 with Gerard Butler. Yummy. Damon and Stefan (go team Damon) from the Vampire Diaries, and then those sparkly ones Meyer created.
From there, many author imaginations went wild. If vampires could be sexy… what about demons and werewolves? How far will we go on our crazy monster minimizing mission for cheap thrills and entertainment? To infinity and beyond, baby.
We like these monsters “bad but not really.” Dark and sinister but warm and cuddly at the end of the day. A man who is a threat to anyone on the planet but us, cause we’re just so freaking special!
In honor of Amanda’s Zombiepalooza and as an apology for my monster minimizing problem, I’m going to give a signed print copy of Blood Lust to one commenter in the comments thread.
Here’s the description for Blood Lust. You can see my monster minimizing problem is quite serious:
It’s all about the blood…
Comprised of three novellas, Blood Lust gives readers a snapshot look at the world of the Preternaturals Series. (Future installments of the series will be novels.)
As a cat therian (shifter), Greta’s blood is already sought after to enhance spells and potions, but due to a quirk of her birth, her blood is potent enough to kill for. When her tribe plans to sacrifice her, Greta must ally herself with Dayne, the dangerous local sorcerer, and the only person strong enough to protect her.
For a vampire, Anthony isn’t a picky eater, but he’s drawn to Charlee’s blood more than any other. Like a fine wine saved for a special occasion, he’s denied himself this pleasure. But one night, high from the potent magical blood of another, he claims his prize and loses control. Ashamed of almost killing the one woman who means anything to him, he wipes her memory of the event. When Charlee awakens with complete amnesia, Anthony is the only one who can clean up the mess he’s made.
Because of the vampiric blood that has run through her veins since birth, Jane has been a target for vampires who resent a human being “kindred.” She’s forced to disguise herself as a vampire groupie to appease them and safeguard her life. When she’s abruptly given to Cole, the leader of the werewolf pack, to satisfy a gambling debt, she discovers the blood running through her veins has a far greater impact on her destiny than she ever imagined.
Print and ebook copies are available at and (other retailers coming soon.)
You can find me here:
Author Website
Author Blog
The giveaway for the paperback of Bloodlust has the same rules as the other Zombiepalooza giveaways –

1. To enter to win, comment on this blog, leaving an email address to contact you in case you win.

2. The giveaway runs from now until October 28th at midnight. On October 29th, winners will be chosen by and contacted. They have 72 hours to reply before the prize defaults to the runner-up.

3. Only one entry per giveaway. (But you can enter as many different Zombiepalooza giveaways as you want.)

4. US only. Sorry to our international friends. 🙁

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  • kristy turner says: forgot my e-mail

  • Kristy Turner says:

    I love sexy vampires!!!!!! Would love to get this book!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh! I want in the contest!


  • Kelly W. says:

    hey hey hey! Too many people on here entering contests they’re not even interested in. I only entered the ones that I thought I would truly enjoy. This book is one of them. Thanks for the contest!

  • Jon King says:

    Not…exactly my cup of tea. But my DW would love it!

    jking323 at yahoo dot com

  • Christina says:

    Zombie romance can only bring one thought to my mind…”Ewww….” nothing sexy that I can think of there.

  • Becky says:

    Would love to win this book:) There’s a YA series called Generation Dead where teenagers that die don’t stay dead so I guess they could be classified as sexy zombies.

    geckyboz at gmail dot com

  • Mary says:

    This book sounds so inciting! I would love to win this!


  • Ing says:

    Hey Zoe, since you commented, does that mean you now have a chance to give yourself a signed copy of your own book? 🙂

    Yeah, I’m not sure it’s possible to remake a zombie into something actually sexy.

    Rehabbing the cannibal-eating-human-brains thing probably wouldn’t be that hard; after all, vampires and werewolves have cannibalistic aspects, and nobody seems to get squicked out by that these days.

    But it’s the *death* thing that zombies can’t get past. With vampires, death just transforms their way of living; their minds and bodies continue on in a perfectly viable (even superhuman) way after their “deaths.”

    Zombies, on the other hand, they *are* dead. Reanimated, but definitely dead. At worst, they’re shambling, rotting wrecks; even at their best, they’re still subhuman.

    Maybe somebody just needs to Stephenie Meyerize them. A dude dies, is buried, and then transforms into a sparkly, shiny, godlike thing that erupts from the grave…to eat people’s brains?

    I dunno… Maybe… Nobody take this idea. It’s mine! (I’ll start writing my bestseller tomorrow.)

    dallenrose a t hot mail dotcom

  • EmilyK says:

    For some reason, all I can imagine in a sex scene in a zombie romance is the couple getting all hot and heavy… Suddenly an ear falls off… Talk about mood killer!

    emilyking630 at yahoo dot com