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my brain is broken

July 14th, 2010 by
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Yesterday, when I took a shower, I stepped out, thinking I had completed my washing ritual, only to find my head still completely full of soap. I hadn’t even slightly rinsed it out.

Things like this have been with increasing and somewhat startling frequency lately. I feel like I’m forgetting the most basic things.

I couldn’t remember Robert Downey Jr’s name last night, which is a very big deal since I always remember every celebrity’s name and Robert Downey Jr is also my all-time favorite actor. (Tied with River Phoenix and narrowly beating out Christian Bale, because I’d actually enjoy spending time with Roberty Downey Jr instead of being terrified like I would with Christian Bale, who does terrify me, in a very loving way.)

Anyway – the point is, I think my brain is broken. It’s clearly on vacation. It feels mushy and sleepy and does not want to conjugate anything ever. 

It’s also having a very, very hard time remembering to reply to emails. I feel like I’m forgetting people – like there’s something I’m supposed to tell them. But I don’t know who or what it is. Because my brain is broken.

So, if you emailed/tweeted/commented/reply to me, and you’re going, “Why hasn’t she responded? That seems awfully rude. What an odd, rude person.” Please, please just email/tweet/comment/reply to me and say, “Hey, I asked you about such-and-such a thing at such-and-such a time, what gives?” And I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

I don’t mean to ignore you. I’m being abnormally forgetful, and I’m naturally assuming something horrible like Huntingon’s or early onset dementia or schizophrenia or brain tumor. Or I might just be a tad overwhelmed by everything I’m doing and having going on lately.

Either way, I’m sorry. And I hope you forgive me. And remind me of what it is I need to do for you.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I was going to comment that you forgot to reply to my Twitter but now I can’t remember what it was now. OMG it’s spreading…