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Early Launch – Flutter is OUT!!!!!

May 27th, 2010 by
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Amazon, in its infinite trickery, has published my book today! So yes, its more than a day early, but let’s get this launch party going! 

I posted the first chapter and links to buy Flutter under the My Books tab, but they’re also right here: Kindle and paperback. (Amazon eventually links them together, but it takes like a month or so.) 

The giveaway is still going until midnight on Friday the 28th, so enter while you have a chance!!! I’ll most likely be doing the drawing somewhere around one or two in the morning, because that is how I roll. 
I can’t edit the product description yet or add any real info yet, but you can find all that on the My Books tab if you’re not already familiar. 
Anyway – if you’re one of the people that have already bought it, I’d enjoy it you left a review – be it positive, negative, whatever, as long as its honest. If you hate Flutter or any of my books, don’t be afraid to tell me so.

And if you like my books, please tell everyone! It’s hard to get the word out about them without a real marketing department, but word-of-mouth can really, really do a lot. That’s how I found out about Greyson Chance, after all. 

(Cause the song is so insanely awesome, I’m posting it again: )

I’m supposed to be cleaning my office, but these recent developments have gotten me sidetracked.

So that’s what my office looks like. (If you look closely, you can see copies of Slaughterhouse-Five, Glamorama, The Killing Joke, Shadow Kiss, Crime and Punishment, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and what’s that? A battered copy of the first print of My Blood Approves.)

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