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all systems are go… are you sure?

April 22nd, 2009 by
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Trying to edit my book. Difficult. More difficult than I originally thought.

It would probably easier if I either A) had somebody to help and bounce ideas off, or B) just sat down and did instead of writing about how I should be writing.

What is that quote? Talking about music is like dancing about architecture? Writing about writing is like that too. Except not.

It’s neat cause I got to create my own vampire mythos. And it’s as follows:
-they can’t drink animal blood (take that Stephanie Meyer and Anne Rice – it’s stupid!!!)
-they’re tan (melanin is fancy)
-they have sharp incisors but not fangs exactly
-they’re not cold, but they’re not warm either
-they’re superior in strength, mental abilities, speed, etc.
-they heal super quick
-they release sexy endorphins

I think that’s it. I don’t know. This is hard.

You know what? I’m just gonna do it. It’s already eleven. I’ve killed an hour with nothing. I need to just do this. And I will. And you’ll all like it.

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  • Theron Hill says:

    I like the melanin is fancy comment. lol

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  • Pandaninja says:

    I’ve made my own vampire mythos as well. xDD

    Btw, you are very inspiring. I plan on self publishing my novel through createspace soon. Right now I’m in the process of outlining the second draft before I actually start on it. Hopefully I’ll have an editor sometime soon. I’m really excited about publishing it, because writing is my passion. And I already have someone that I plan on commissioning for a cover art. 🙂

  • Glynn James says:

    Looks like you were right about them all liking it. 🙂