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May 18th, 2011 by
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I just realized that I never blogged about the interview I had on Better TV. But I’m doing it now. Back in February, Rhiannon Ally with the syndicated show Better came and did a piece on me. She was incredibly nice (as was her camera man), and I thought it turned out really great.

Also, I need to give a shout out to Kyle who runs the Coffee House on Main where we filmed this. (He’s also on the beginning of the video explaining what a Monkey Mocha is). He was incredibly gracious letting us film there, and he’s let me do about a hundred interviews there. He’s a super nice guy, and he makes the greatest iced latte in the history of iced lattes. So if you’re ever in Austin, MN go to the Coffee House on Main, order a iced latte with raspberry syrup, and give Kyle a really big tip. You won’t regret it.

Here’s the video for Better TV:

And I just found about this – There’s a ton of cool stuff to bid on – from getting business cards made to a book autographed by Kristen Chenowith. All the proceeds go to help Heather, who’s been sick for sometime. I urge you to check it out.

In fun news, Black Lab – the band behind the beautiful music in the trailer for Letters to Elise – is currently having a contest to make a video for the new single “This Ship Goes Down Deep” (awesome song, by the way). If you’d like to enter, check out their site for details: here.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting with people from St. Martin’s Press, and we’re going to be talking about things in regards to my books. I’m pretty excited. If I learn anything fun that you guys will enjoy hearing, I’ll definitely pass it along. I do think I get to see some ideas for covers for the Trylle Trilogy for when St. Martin’s releases it next year, but I can’t really share that with you. At least not yet.

Oh, and thanks for all the Figaro and Delaney love on the blog yesterday. They appreciated it, even if they are fish and don’t understand human emotions. Or English.

I’m ending with this song, which is my new favorite thing. I dare you to listen to it and not get it stuck in your head.

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  • stevebevil says:

    Hi Amanda! Thanks for sharing the video. I really enjoyed watching it and now I know what Eric looks like too! Thanks for living the dream and for not giving up! You are an inspiration to everyone. Just keep being you and I am sure we will continue to see the best of Amanda Hocking.

  • Amanda says:

    Loved the interview! Have you thought of doing book signings in the Minneapolis area?

  • Jonathan says:

    What an inspiration. Personal development is important for everyone and I think you’ve shed new light on the fact that the American Dream is still alive and well in America and that the pursuit of happiness is still very much the goal of most people not only in America, but globally.

  • I saw both interviews and I was impressed. I agree. They did a great job and it came out professional and uplifting. The first interview I saw was on television some time back. But I saw the one you mentioned in your post yesterday. I guess life just keeps getting better. Your an inspiration for anyone who wants to succeed and chase their dreams.

  • Awesome and inspirational interview. Like you, I had given up ever owning a nice house as well. Or even renting a nice apartment. But after seeing this interview all of that has changed. I still live in a refrigerator box in the woods, but not for long…

  • I really enjoyed that interview Amanda 🙂 thanks for posting it, it’s something that would never show on TV here in NZ. I kinda feel like I’ve ‘met’ you now which is rather cool *grin*
    Re-edited vsn of The Arrival now up and just .99c for May ONLY

  • tom says:

    Speaking as someone who has dealt with many paper-and-ink publishers and has written 97 published books, I urge you to remember that you are the boss. If you do not agree with something the publisher proposes or wants you to agree to, don’t! You have hundreds of thousands of fans who love your work. Keep us in mind as standing behind you.

  • Keira Lea says:

    What a great interview! That part of town looks like an awesome place to live! I recently bought my dream house, so I know exactly how it feels to finally be at home.

  • Amanda,

    Loved that interview. Congratulations! I can only imagine, you must feel like you’re in a dream world. 😀

    Also, that was so cool that your books were in your local library–and you didn’t even know!

    As for that song, make no mistake, I love rock, but I stopped listening after about a minute. This is a remake of J-Z’s hit, 99 problems, and I like J-Z’s version waaay better. JMO.