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you may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one

August 25th, 2010 by
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It’s the end of Day 2 and Wisdom is ranked at #52 in the whole Kindle store.

My life currently feels like a dream I’m going to wake up from.

I have this semi-reoccurring dream about this guy (who shall remain nameless). In this dream, said guy is finally into me, after all my hours of pining after him. And I’m like, “Yes! This is finally happening!”

But then something weird happens, like he suddenly grows a third eye, and I go, “Oh, shoot. This is a stupid dream.” I try to make the best of it then, but I can’t really get into it. Once I know it’s a dream, it loses it’s appeal.

But sometimes, worse times, I don’t realize it’s a dream. I wake up, and for a brief moment, I think that’s all true. Then I realize it’s not, and it’s actually kinda heartbreaking.

At any rate – I’m sorta afraid that’s what’s happening here. Any minute I’ll wake up, and go, “Oh… drat. Foiled again.”

Until then, I’m going to make the best of my dream. That’s the plan anyway.

So far, I’ve been wasting too much time instead of writing and editing. I have a list of things I need to accomplish this week, and I’ve done none of them.

However, my book did reach break the top 100, so I can’t count this week as a total failure.

Thanks, you guys, for making this week so awesome, and I hope that you’ll all let me continue to entertain you with my future endeavors.

P. S. Working on some Torn (the sequel to Switched) stuff this week – and oh my gosh. That’s all I’ll say about that for now.

P. P. S. I actually have a lot more stuff I wanted to say about a lot more stuff, but my brain is falling asleep. And my eye is watering.

P. P. P. S. I enjoy Stacey Wallace Benefiel. That’s all. 

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  • Anonymous says:

    thanks for the insight. i appreciate it. i understand about the gore aspect but i really had to read it 3 times all the while going “what?” and scratching my head. in the end I hope Alice finds herself.

  • @Anon #1 Thanks! I don’t have an exact date for Torn, but I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s out.

    @ Anon #2

    I had a big internal debate about the scene you’re talking about. Here’s what I can say without giving too much away:

    Staking and decapitation to kill a vampire. But breaking a neck is sorta internal decapitation. If you do it forcefully enough. The neck is completely severed, but the skin is still attached.

    I know what you’re saying, and I kinda agree with you. I thought about rewriting the scene so they died by decap or staking, but I thought it would be too violent and gory, which wasn’t what I wanted for the scene.

    The only real defense I have for it is that new vampire are much weaker than others, and they are easier to kill. And then neck was severed. The skin was just attached.

    That’s my theory.

    But in the end, I kept the scene the same more because I feel it flows better in the book. I hope it didn’t pull you out of the reality too much.

    Thank you for checking the books out, and I’m glad you enjoyed them otherwise.

  • Anonymous says:

    hi, i’ve read and really like the series but i have one question. i hope it doesn’t spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t read wisdom yet. but how could one die from a broken neck…and not but staking or decapitation?

  • Anonymous says:

    I have read all 4 of my blood approves series and I loved them. I read Wisdom in like 5 hours. I was so tired from staying up really late to finish it. I can not wait for the next one to come out ( I hope there is a next one. ) I also just finished switched and I really loved it. I was wondering if you had an exact date on when Torn would be out ? I can’t wait to read it. You are an awesome writer.

  • I hope you don’t wake up from your dream. It feels good to see you happy. At least as happy as your tweets, fb statuses and blogs sound.

  • Sassapphras says:

    Haha… you’re a big tease! I just finished torn today and want the whole series now!