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with my freeze ray I will stop the world

September 27th, 2009 by
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If you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog, I strongly urge you too. It’s mostly funny, Joss Whedon’s writing is delightful, and Neil Patrick Harris’s singing is stunning. Okay, I am going through a musical phase right now (which sounds even odder to me than it does to you), and I might be partial.

The hype over Switched is exciting for me but frightening. I want to believe that it’s awesome as everyone says it is, and part of me does. But the rest of me is nervous about jumping all in when there’s always the possability of rejection. I’m trying that whole Secret thing so I know I shouldn’t believe that. I mean, I’m supposed to believe that everything already has worked out or something. But its hard. Self-preservation is a tricky thing.

I have been ridiculously happy lately. For normal people, I’d imagine this is what falling in love feels like.

My current life soundtrack is: “Rainbow Connection” by Sarah McLachlin, “Across the Universe” by Jim Sturgess, “The Walk” by Imogen Heap, “As the World Falls Down” by David Bowie, and “My Freeze Ray” by Neil Patrick Harris.

Also, of note, I’d like to post this to show what the inspiration for my soon-to-be-hit novel Switched is: