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What I’m Doing Monday

December 13th, 2010 by
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What I’m Doing Monday is a Meme that I just made up because I wanted to take a break, and I was bored. It’s a list of things that I’m currently enjoying at the moment that you might also enjoy.

What I’m listening to: Band of Horses, the Black Keys, Bon Iver, and Ryan Adams.

What I’m reading: Third World America by Ariana Huffington and Palo Alto by James Franco. And also Rachael Ray’s cookbook, but that’s for supper tonight.

What I’m watching: I have the Indiana Jones trilogy on my DVR, and I hope to start watching it tonight.

What I’m playing: Donkey Kong Returns on the Wii.

What I’m working on: I’m reworking the ending of Honalee, and I’m getting Letters to Elise and Ascend ready for release.

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  • Jenn says:

    That’s good enough for me 🙂 Makes my Christmas a lot more merrier.

  • @Jenn I can’t set exact release dates. I can only estimate. So in a week or two.

    @Dodge Nope. It’s a trilogy. I refuse to count the last one.

  • Isn’t the Indiana Jones trilogy actually now a quartet? The last movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull really surprised me when they made the alien connection. A big media vehicle like Indiana Jones bringing aliens into the picture. Could this be a lead-in for things to come for us as a species… alien visitors? HA! I dig the conspiracy:)

  • Jenn says:

    Do you have dates for the release’s!? just wondering 🙂

  • @Ken Yeah, I’ve seen them a few times, haha. It has been awhile, though.

    @Tae I saw they were having a marathon yesterday, so I taped them. I didn’t think I’d want to watch them all in one sitting. 😉

    @Alex You go, boy!

  • Alex Bennett says:

    So excited for Ascend, LtE, and Honalee! You go girl!

  • Tae says:

    I just watched those movies yesterday they were on all day so try to keep your eyes open by the time you reach the last one

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing you’re re-watching the Indiana Jones trilogy as opposed to seeing them for the first time?