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UPDATED: Look! It’s a Blog!

February 7th, 2012 by
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Hey, everyone! I just updated the FAQs section at the top of the blog, so before you ask a question, make sure you check it out. I also explain where you can get Wisdom for the Kindle.

You may have noticed my absence on the blog. It’s been almost a month since I last blogged, which is the longest I’ve gone without blogging in a very long time. Probably since I started the blog.

The absence was partially because I was very, very busy. I was on a tour promoting Switched, and I spent a lot of time doing interviews. That was the other reason why there wasn’t blogs. After spending all day talking about publishing and books, I found that I wasn’t very interested in writing when I get done.

Also, I think I just needed a bit of a break. I wasn’t very active at all on the internet last week, rarely tweeting or going on Facebook. Sometimes it’s good to unplug and relax. But anyway, I’m back! I’m refreshed, and I’m working on Lullaby, the sequel to Wake. So all’s well.

I also have some fun things to share with you. Where to start?

When I came home from the book tour, I got a nice surprise. An ARC of Wake were waiting for me, and they look lovely!  As you can kind of tell from the grainy image below.

Wake is the first book in my brand new series Watersong, and the publication date as been moved up to August 7th, so that’s also good news. If you’re not familiar with what an ARC is, I suggest you read: here. The Story Siren breaks down exactly what it is.

If you’d like to get a copy of Wake for review, you can email I do not personally have any copies that I can give out for review, so you have to contact St. Martin’s. I can’t guarantee that you’ll get an ARC, because they do have a limited supply.

UPDATE: ARCs of Wake are sent out for people to review, but since they have a limited quantity of ARCs, they can’t send them out to every person that requests them. That means they try to only send ARCs to people who have review blogs or journalists or people who have some way of promoting the books.

My publicist has said they’re getting many requests for the books, and that’s great, but they won’t possibly be able to fill them all. If you’d like a better chance at getting an ARC of Wake, in your email, list your blog (if you have one) and any relevant stats, like how many hits it gets and how many followers you have and any other promotional stuff you would want to do for the book. I also recommend that you read what the Story Siren has posted about ARCs. She’s done a very good job of explaining what they are, how to get them, and what to do with them.

Both myself and my publicist are sorry that not everyone can a get an ARC of Wake. But there will probably be giveaways on the future, and I’ll be sure to post about them as soon as I hear of any. And I really appreciate all the excitement around the book!

Here’s a couple of fun videos. This one is a tour of my office, done all MTV cribs style:

And here’s one of my favorite interviews I’ve done. It’s from a local PBS affiliate KSMQ show called “Off 90.” The KSMQ viewing area is all around Interstate 90, so the title is a play on that.

In that video, where it shows my hands typing, this is what I was actually typing:

You can click to enlarge.

 Okay. Yay! That was enough of me talking about me. Here’s something really cool. The Other House is the production company that did an amazing job making the fantabulous US trailer for Switched. They posted some behind-the-scenes videos and pictures from the Switched shoot on their blog. Here’s the link to the full blog: here.

If you haven’t seen the awesome trailer, I’ll post it again, and here’s a couple choice pics from their blog, but you should really go to their site and check out the behind-the-scenes video.

Switched trailer:

And finally, Switched has been on the New York Times Best Sellers list for four weeks, and it’s also back on the USA Today Bestselling Books List! Thank you to everyone for buying a book and to all the readers for being so supportive! 🙂

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  • L.A.C.E. says:

    Gaah I’m so excited about Torn I wanted to read it yesterday! While I like my Kobo ereader. Books like Switched and the rest NEED to be read as they were meant to. Holding the pages and smelling the print coming off of it. I have been searching for Torn and glad to know I have just been looking too early. Now to mark Feb 28 on my calendar. Also adding you to my blog list 😀

  • wertigo says:

    It something shaking so can’t be!!!! I wish wishes and love..

  • QueendSheena says:

    Loved this post. Read it before but couldn’t comment due to computer trouble. The trailer’s excellent and I can’t wait for Wake.

  • MAFW says:

    And now I bet you’re tired of reading everything that everybody has been saying about you!
    Smart move, about unplugging for a bit. I’ve done that myself recently.

  • You are so beyond lucky! Grats to you! :] <3

  • RaeLynn Fry says:

    I loved this post, thanks for sharing! You’re “office” is AWESOME and your story even more so. It comes through what an amazing and humble person you are. Keep it up. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Amanda,
    I’m wondering if you’ve ever read the teen paranormal/fantasy novel Spellbound by Olivia Grosser? I’m interested in your thoughts on how it compares to your own trilogies. I personally think that for a self-published author, it’s very polished – and totally tantalising.
    Has anyone else read it?

  • Tantrachick says:

    Well, I’ve never read one of your books. However, I appreciate you sharing your path to success. I am about to self publish my first book and you inspired me. As a thank you, I am going to buy a copy of Switched! Thanks, in Community, Joy Nelson

  • Yay for a blog update! It’s good to be a busy working writer, but it’s also good to take a break when needed. I’m glad for you on both accounts. I’m excited to see progress with Wake, as well as see your videos! I’m looking forward to reading more!

  • As I’m currently looking into publication options, it is really inspiring to rad your story. I too sent out my first novel at 17, and the rejections sorta threw me off track. Now I’ve traveled the world and am hoping to get back into the game. Thanks for sharing what can happen when you write because it is like breathing (something I also wrote a blog post about 🙂