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March 10th, 2011 by
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I make my living on writing books, so it’s funny how much time has been spent not writing. I plan to get back to my roots this weekend and really dig in and get some writing done. That means I’ll be unplugging myself from the internet. Probably not completely, because I don’t know if I could survive a full 72 hours without tweeting about something.

But I won’t be answering emails, checking my Facebook, or blogging. I will be avoiding the internet as much as possible. Starting today, at 5 pm central time, I will be off those things until Monday. I will instead be writing a lot and relaxing a little. And not worrying about anything else.

Everything else can wait until Monday.

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  • Publicity says:

    Good for you. From a fellow Minnesotan – and, can I tell you, you are now officially our Media Darling? – good luck to you! I think what you are doing is GREAT! So keep at it – and from what I’ve read today, on your blog and in the Strib (Mar 25), it sounds like everything you are doing is awesome. Keep your head level and you will be fine. But. Did you find a house yet?
    Keep on writing, doll.

  • kmundt says:

    please continue the my blood approves saga!!!! i love it!

  • gabry says:

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  • It’s important to disconnect from the internet though it is so addicting. It’s a hard balance between marketing and writing. Enjoy your weekend and your writing.

  • Helen Ginger says:

    Can’t wait to hear the report on Monday! Have fun writing.

  • Katie Klein says:

    Good luck! It’s amazing how quickly the “marketing” side of the job takes over the writing side. The internet eats up so much of my free time!


  • Unless the world has an emergency, then it’s good to set down the pen and paper (more likely the keyboard and monitor) and send out your concerns to those being in an area of devastation.

  • I love the internet, but after spending so much time on it all week I almost never get on line on the weekend. I certainly don’t blog.

  • Erica says:

    I hope your weekend off helps a lot! You should do this every other weekend!! Then we you will have a lot of happy fans when you say “I just finished … ” Wish you the best of luck with your writing this weekend!