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Turn on the Bright Lights

August 8th, 2010 by
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First, if you haven’t entered the giveaway to win all four of the My Blood Approves. books, you should. Enter: here

Now onto everything else I’ve been forgetting to mention. I did an interview over at Two Ends of the Pen, which is a fantastic site with lots of cool author interviews. I talk about publishing and Switched, the first book in my new paranormal romance trilogy. You can read it: here.

Indie urban fantasy author H. P. Mallory has started this fantabulous site – and she’s collaborating with a bunch of different authors to work on it (myself included.) It’s still in its infancy stage, but the idea is to make it easier for readers to find cheap, good indie urban fantasy and paranormal romance. So, if you’re into that sorta thing, you should check it out.

Also – you guys, Switched needs some lovin’. I’ll be straight with you here, cause I’m a pretty honest person: Switched is a better book than My Blood Approves. I mean I love them both, and I’m not supposed to pick favorites, but Switched is more original and Wendy is kinda kick ass. And Finn – he’s … well, you’ll see, when you read the book.

I changed my layout, too. I thought the old one seemed… less sleek. What do you think of the new one, folks?

I pre-ordered Interpol’s self-titled release today, and I suggest you do the same. (I’m a little in love with Paul Banks.) I won’t be going to see them at First Ave in Minneapolis the way I wanted to, but it’s cause I’ll be too busy hanging out with visiting friends. However, if you’re in the area, you should def check them out on August 14th. And I was once quoted in the SPiN magazine with Interpol on the cover.

Paul Banks (its hard to find a pic of him w/out a cigarette)

Oh, fun things that are factual: Interpol has a song called “Leif Erickson” and I know he’s a real person and all that, but it’s because of that song that the name “Leif” really started to grow on me. So the character Leif in the My Blood Approves is actually named after the Interpol song.

In conclusion: Enter the give away, check out the sites, read Switched, and pre-order Interpol. That sounds demanding, but I’m just trying to help. Free books, fun sites, great reads, and crazy awesome music.

My all-time favorite Interpol song – “NYC”

The best Interpol video – “Evil”


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  • @ AtenRa Interpol is pretty sweet

    @ Valerie You’re even more amazing <3

  • I do love your new layout, and yes, I enjoyed Switched very well. You’re an amazing lady, Amanda! <3

  • AtenRa says:

    OMG, I absolutely Love Interpol!!!!!!!I thought they were coming for a gig here in Athens, but no such luck 🙁 They are amazing!!!