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The Secret

February 17th, 2011 by
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In case you missed yesterday’s epic post (and it truly was epic, in the real sense of the word, and not in the fake “epic fail” kinda way), you should check it out: here.

After I made the post, I did the next logical thing: I took a nap and watched Top Chef. I get the biggest news of my career and life, and then I take a nap. In my defense, I was tired, and I’ve lost my voice. I sound Kathleen Turner with emphysema,

I want to thank everybody for all your undue praise and crazy support. I do really appreciate it, and if it weren’t for you guys, I doubt all of this would happening. I just wrote a book. You guys made it popular.

For people asking how this happened, as far as I can tell it happened like this: Terri Tatchell bought Switched and Torn (this was before Ascend came out). I’m not sure what ereader she bought them on, but it was an ereader. She read them, enjoyed them very much, and decided she’d like to adapt them. She emailed me and her agent emailed me, asking if they could adapt them. Her agent talked to my agent a lot. And then a month later, the deal was finalized, and now I’m telling you.

OH! Here’s the especially bizarre and true part of the story. I decided I was going to get a Bluray player, but before I even got one, I started buying Blurays (that’s the kind of person I am). I was laying in bed one night, trying to fall asleep, and I was thinking about how I don’t know why Cloverfield is called Cloverfield. (I still don’t, BTW).

So, since I could sleep, I got up, and ordered a bunch of Blurays from Amazon. Amazon kept recommending movies to me, and since I’d bought Cloverfield, they suggested I buy District 9. I took their suggestion, because I saw District 9 in theaters and loved it.

The day – the very day – I got District 9 in the mail from Amazon is the day Terri Tatchell emailed me. Not even kidding.

So the whole feels a bit like kismet to me, and I don’t even believe in kismet.

I was reading old blogs the other day, and when I got really serious about writing, my roommate and life guru Eric suggested I try the Secret. He said it worked for Ellen and Oprah, and since I’d tried everything, I decided to try it.

The idea behind the Secret is that you can manifest the things you want by believing you’ll get them. I think. I don’t completely understand. Eric said I needed to make a vision board with all the things I wanted so that I would put it out for the universe to know what I wanted, and then… I could get them? I don’t know.

But I’ve had the same vision board up in my room for over a year. And here is what’s on it: A still from Juno with the words “movie” on it in silver sharpie. A page from one of my books that says “published.” A million dollar bill from Who Wants to Be a Millionare the board game with the word “money” written on it. A quote from a magazine that says “I have the greatest job ever” and I wrote “writing” above it. An iPhone. Batman Converse. A boombox. And Pete Wentz.

I just got an iPhone (thanks Verizon!). So other than Pete Wentz, I’ve pretty much got everything from the vision board. Oh. I don’t have a boombox either. I want an old school one like Radio Raheem had in Do the Right Thing. But that’s the besides the point.

The point is – maybe there really is something to this Secret thing. Thanks, Universe, for being awesome.

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  • Hey Amanda, it’s Kristi, your die hard reviewer from the beginning.
    I told you a long time ago that your Trylle series would end up on the Big Screen, apparantly I was right. I think you can be optimistic as opposed to ‘cautiously’ optimistic.
    Stop denying yourself the happiness of being successful and the continuance of that success. I think I know you pretty well and you’re afraid it’s all going to get taken away or it’s not going to last… it will Amanda.

    Someone with your mind, your creativity will only continue to become more artistic and fruitful. Your next books will rock as all your books do. You haven’t written anything that hasn’t been wildly successful and that will continue.

    A vision board helps with positive self talk, it keeps the negativity down to a bare minimum because sometimes we can be our own worse enemy, I think the “what if….. thinking is the most terrible enemy we possess. It can hold all of us back but with positive self talk and visualization and a Vision Board it’s so much easier to overcome.
    I think, if you’re into it, you should re-think your Vision board now that so much has changed in your life. Take the time to just do it and really put yourself out there, it’s your Vision Board and don’t let the ‘Stinkin Thinkin’ stop you from putting down your biggest aspirations and goals, Amanda. You WILL go far, now you just need to believe it. A good way to start is with your Vision Board.
    I believe in you!
    Kristi Your biggest fan at least in my mind!

    btw I love it that I am still your Number 1 reviewer on Amazon for Hollowland.
    Also, I know you won’t read this!

  • shelly says:

    I’m going to make a vision board. I sometimes visualize what I want…got Sir Poops-A-Lot that way and my hubby. But to keep a vision in front of you at all times…yeah… that works…that would keep one from being discouraged. Enjoy your blogs. Haven’t read your books yet but I enjoy your blogs.

  • Sam says:

    That’s great– many congratulations!

    I had to look up Pete Wentz on Wikipedia to see who he is. Turns out his wife filed for divorce about a week ago. The wheels of the universe are turning– just give it some time, eh? 😉

  • Jamie Fox says:

    That’s amazing! I definitely need to try out a vision board because I’m feeling a bit dissatisfied with the day job right now. 🙂

  • Congrats Amanda! I hope it ll works well for you! You are an inspiration to authors everywhere.
    Author of Witches, Demons, & Deals

  • Sarah Maggard says:

    Congrats!! I am not at all suprised though. From the second I finished My Blood Approves(the first book I read of yours), I knew you had greatness in you! I have been hooked ever since. Keep em comin!..p.s BRAIN has nothin on you..take over the world girl!

  • Racheal McG says:

    THE SECRET DOES WORK, your roommie, Eric, was correct! I did a mental vision board for myself, and I am married to my soulmate, and I have babies! Oh! And I got my weenie! Well, okay, he’s only half weenie, but he followed me home, I couldn’t refuse! Anywho, all your fans are so proud of you, and we are always supporting you, loving your work, and awaiting the future of Amanda Hocking and what you will share with us. I will keep in my visions, you with Pete Wentz… the UNIVERSE CAN’T SAY NO TO ALL OF US! LOL Congrats again!!!:)

  • S.E. Gordon says:

    Oops, Sorry. Yes–congratulations, Amanda! You are a huge inspiration to us all. Do not stop; become the first billion dollar e-book author!

  • S.E. Gordon says:

    The Secret is about lining up a path between yourself and what you want. Using the Law of Attraction, you will actualize it. I certainly believe in it, and am using it to write my vampire thriller Enura. Will I succeed? Using The Secret, apparently I already have.