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The Return of Konstantin Black

April 8th, 2015 by
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As you may have seen in yesterday’s teaser quote, Konstantin Black returns in Ice Kissed. (Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read Frostfire, be aware of potential spoilers in this post).


Kit Harington as Konstantin Black in my dream cast

At the end of Frostfire, Konstantin left Bryn Aven reeling – once again. Growing up, Bryn admired Konstantin deeply. He was an elite member of the Kanin guard, champion of the King’s summer games, and a hero to the people. (It also didn’t hurt that his steel grey eyes, crooked smile, and unruly black curls made him incredibly handsome). Though she hated to admit it even to herself, Bryn had a very serious crush on him.

Bryn’s admiration for Konstantin came crashing to a bitter end when he tried to assassinate her father, and his motives for the seemingly unprovoked attack still elude her. Then, after four years on the run, Konstantin makes a dramatic return in the beginning of Frostfirehunting down changelings that Bryn has sworn to protect.

Throughout Frostfire, Konstantin makes several startling confessions that lead Bryn to believe that everything is not as it seems with him, but it all ended in a brutal confrontation in the Skojare palace – not with Konstantin, but with Kanin’s most hated enemy, Viktor Dålig. And all of that only leaves Bryn angrier and more confused than ever.

As Bryn explains in an excerpt from the upcoming Ice Kissed:

Viktor Dålig had beaten me, that was true. The sight of him had been like encountering a ghost, and I’d been in shock, so he’d been able to get the best of me. That didn’t mean I hadn’t wanted to stop him, but it had been my fault for letting myself be caught off guard, even for a moment.

But Viktor had wanted to kill me. When he’d smashed my head into the stone, he’d been trying to execute me – I knew that with absolute certainty. But he hadn’t succeeded, and I had a feeling that I had Konstantin Black to thank for being alive.

Run, white rabbit, as fast and far as you can, he’d whispered when I came upon him in the dungeon. Even though he’d been escaping, he’d looked so defeated then – his gray eyes soft and mournful, his entire body sagging, his olive skin going pale beneath the shadow of his beard. Konstantin hadn’t wanted me to get hurt.

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    Are you going to write another book after Crystal Kingdom? I really hope so!!

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    Why does there have to be a cliffhanger! So annoyed

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    I cant wait for this book I’m so excited! Ice Kissed Is going to be sooooo good! I just know it!

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    Can’t wait for this book.

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    I cannot wait for the next book! I am so hooked! You are an amazing author please keep it up and never stop!!!