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The Lost Art of Blogging

March 17th, 2012 by
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I used to write blogs all the time, and they used to be so much fun. I was reading through old blogs tonight, and its just weird to see the way things have changed. I don’t know why my blogs less frequent & less fun, but they definitely have.

Even in reading my newer blocs, I feel like something is missing. They’re much less random & rambling. They’re more quick to the point, and I daresay a big cagey.

I can’t complete account for the change except that I know I know I don’t like blotting as much as I used to. I feel more defensively. Every time I blog or tweet or speak, its an opportunity for people to point out my faults in someway. Its crazy how much people on the interwebs love to tell each other they’re wrong.

I digress. I just want to get back to blogging more and talking about all the irrelevant things that interest me.

So I am going to make a concerted effort to do just that. I will be blogging more and my blogs will be filled with more nonsense and fun. So cheers to that!

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  • I say never mind the bollocks, and just be yourself. We like you better that way.

  • Miss Mia says:

    Just be YOU, hon. Who cares what other people think?! You’re perfectly imperfect the way you are and we love you for that! <3

  • Ada says:

    And i love you as a wrighter you are my fav wrighter and i want to be just like you when i grow up 😄

  • Ada says:

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  • try to focus more on the people who enjoy your work and enjoy your interaction with them through blogs. Ignore the critics.

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  • Stay focused on your great body of work. Do not let the haters derail your plans. Thanks for your works

  • Sidney Erin says:

    I just want to take a second to encourage you to keep being you, no matter what other people say or how they may criticize you. I enjoy your work and your personality shines through in your blogs. I think that is what is most important and what has made you successful thus far. Sadly, if you met these people that are so hard on you I doubt you would be very impressed. It is very easy to criticize someone across the internet. You are an inspiration and I am a fan.