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The Heart of Ridley Dresden

April 15th, 2015 by
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As you may have seen in yesterday’s teaser quote, Ridley Dresden seems just as confused about Bryn’s feelings for him as she is in Ice Kissed. (Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read Frostfire, be aware of potential spoilers in this post).

DIego Boneta as Ridley Dresden in my dream cast.

Diego Boneta as Ridley Dresden in my dream cast

Ridley has long been one of Bryn’s closest friends and allies, believing in her when many others in the Kanin Kingdom refuse to. But it’s his position as her boss that makes their growing attraction so dangerous. In Frostfire, Bryn finally admitted to herself how she really feels about Ridley, and after they share a passionate kiss under the aurora borealis, it seems Ridley feels the same way. But both Bryn and Ridley know that if they act on it, it could cost Bryn her chance at becoming a member of the elite guard, the Högdragen.

While Ridley doesn’t want to stand in the way of Bryn’s dreams, his feelings on the Högdragen are far more complicated. His father was a member of the Hogdragen, and when Ridley was just twelve years old, Viktor Dålig attempted to over the Kanin King and killed Ridley’s father in the process. Many people, including Bryn, consider Ridley’s father a hero, but as Ridley explained in Frostfire, an honorable death is a subjective thing.

“Ridley shook his head, and when he spoke again, his voice was much lower and calmer. ‘You called his death honorable. He died in the hallway  of the palace – a hall I have walked down a hundred times since that day. He died in a pool of his own blood, trying to protect a random stranger in a crown, because another man wanted that crown for his own daughter.’ He turned to me, his eyes hard and his words heavy. ‘He died for nothing.'”

With Viktor Dålig returning at the end of Frostfire with Konstantin Black, Ridley is determined to being justice to the man that murdered his father. In Ice Kissed, Ridley and Bryn will be working close together to discover what exactly Viktor and Konstantin are up to, and despite their best efforts to keep their hearts out of it, they may be forced to face their true feelings for each other once and for all.

An excerpt from Ice Kissed reveals how things begin to heat up:

Ridley glanced up at the night sky, then back at me. “You be careful this time, alright?”

“I will,” I promised him.

Then, since there really wasn’t anything more to say, I gave him a small wave before turning to walk away. I’d only made it four steps before he stopped me.

“Bryn,” he said, and I looked back over my shoulder at him. “Let me walk you home.”

They were five simple words that sounded almost inconsequential, especially since Ridley had walked me home on several occasions. But somehow tonight they felt like so much more. There was a weight to them that had never been there before.

It was in Ridley’s tone, which held a hint of urgency, his voice low but strong enough to carry. In his eyes that burned so intensely,  I could almost see the hunger hidden in the darkness.

Finally, I answered him, and I didn’t even know what I would say until the word came out of my mouth. “Okay.”

If you haven’t preorderd Ice Kissed yet and you’d like to, here are some ways you can do it:

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  • Emily says:

    Yes, I agree that Amanda Hocking is a good author. After reading Frost Fire, I’m really eager to see the next book in this series. I also can’t wait till it hits the stores!

  • Victoria says:

    I’m in the middle of Ice kissed and can’t stop reading. I really hope this books will be awesome movies one day.

  • Kandace Darby says:

    I am so stoked and antsy waiting for Ice Kissed to hit the stores. I could be wrong but i have a feeling there will be two guys that Bryn will be torn between 😉

  • Amanda says:

    I can not wait for ice kissed to come out and see how their relationship develops or if it even does!!! BTW Diego would make an awesome Ridley!!!!