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The Final Countdown

June 22nd, 2015 by
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CK Countdown

The countdown for the final book in the Kanin Chronicles is now underway. Crystal Kingdom will be out August 4, 2015, and until then, I’ll be posting plenty of trivia, teasers, and exclusive material to get everyone geared for the release.

Releasing the final book in a trilogy is always a bit more scary than the first two books. The first two books are about the building up, the final book is about delivering on that build up. I also took a few risks with Crystal Kingdom that I’d been afraid to do with previous books, and in the battle that Bryn is pulled into, the stakes have never been higher.

Another exciting thing about Crystal Kingdom is that it’s the most encompassing of all the books. You get to see more of the troll world than ever before. For the first time in either the Trylle Trilogy or the Kanin Chronicles, you get to really see all five troll tribes. Plus, Crystal Kingdom features more familiar faces than it’s predecessors (like Finn, Wendy, and Loki).

Some things to look forward over the next 43 days:
teaser quotes
Crystal Kingdom excerpts
inspiraion boards
a prequel novelette called “The King’s Games” (which I’ll be posting for FREE later on this week)

I’m sure there’s more stuff that I’m forgetting, but stay tuned, because it’s going to be fun a month and a half.

If you haven’t preordered Crystal Kingdom yet, and you’d like to, here are some ways you can do it:

iBookstore – for ebook 
Barnes & Noble – for paperback, ebook, hardcover, & audio
Amazon – for paperback, ebook, hardcover, & audio
Indiebound – for paperback, hardcover, & audio 
Powell’s– for paperback
Books-a-Million– for paperback, hardcover, & audio 
Booktopia (Australia) – for paperback 
Waterstones (UK) – for paperback

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  • I haven’t had the chance to read any of your books yet, but I know your story, and I have to say that you are truly an inspiration to an up-and-coming author!

  • Ashleigh says:

    I received an ARC of Crystal Kingdom from the publisher and I have to say I loved it. You did an amazing job! I was in tears about a certain part (no spoilers!) but I understand why and accept how it needed to be. You pulled me in to the story even more than the other two did and I’m glad I got to revisit familiar friends from the Trylle (a loved series in my collection). Well done on completing yet another amazing trilogy and I look forward to reading whatever you choose to write next

  • Kandace says:

    So ready for Crystal Kingdom to release. This series has me hooked !!!

  • Linda Lytle says:

    I would so love this book. You rock.

  • Tami alyce says:

    Yay excited!!!! Also prequel for free even better, you rock!!!

  • whitney hricko says:

    Super excited to read the final book of this amazing series!!! You are FANTASTIC Amanda.