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The Faculty is awesome

February 1st, 2011 by
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I, for one, am glad Kevin Williamson is so busy lately.

I watched The Faculty tonight, and let me tell you something – I love that movie. I have it on VHS somewhere, and the soundtrack is tucked away in box of CDs (probably near the VHS). I just got the Bluray for it, and it’s an excellent choice.

Do you ever watch movies when you’re a teenager, think they’re totally awesome, then go back and watch them years later and go, “Wait. What?” (*hint hint nudge nudge* Reality Bites *cough cough*) Well, thankfully, The Faculty wasn’t one of those movies. It’s as fantastic as I remember it being, and it’s always a pleasure to seen Bebe Neuworth and her never ending gams.

If you’re not familiar with Kevin Williamson, he made a few popular gems in the late 90s and early 00s, like Dawson’s Creek, the first two Screams, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Faculty, and Cursed.

He also did Teaching Mrs. Tingle, which I believe was loosely based on Killing Mr. Griffen by Lois Duncan. Mrs. Tingle had a lot of issues though because it was set to release right around the time that the Columbine shootings happened, and then everything changed, and I think it suffered because of that.

But anyway – the moral is Kevin Williamson has been working on The Vampire Diaries and Scream 4 – both of which I’m very excited about, and I’m thrilled to see him so busy lately because I love his work.

When he first started getting a name, I remember a lot of people criticizing him for his similarities to John Hughes, which I think is just crap. I do think he built on the platform that John Hughes created, but what’s wrong with that?

I enjoy Kevin Williamson. I’m looking forward to Scream 4 (not as much as my roommate, who is literally counting down the days at this point). And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  • Belgie says:

    I have read all of the Vampire Diaries books and was anxiously awaiting this one as well. I am a huge Damon fan. I feel that he has a lot more charisma than Stephan.

  • The Vampire Diaries is a fantastic bullet train of a show. You can argue that it’s over the top, but it is never, ever, dull.

    The Faculty is also a great movie, but Kevin had less to do with it than most people think. Robert Rodriguez did an outstanding directing job, and Kevin was very, very, very heavily rewritten by, if I remember correctly, the man who wrote and directed Swimming with Sharks.

  • Agreed. He’s great. I haven’t seen the Faculty in years, but it’s one of those movies I could watch over and over again. I can’t get into the Vampire Diaries though…maybe I should keep trying to watch it.

  • I love Kevin Williamson.

    Sure The Faculty, Cursed, and Scream are just kind of the same riff on different horror movie traditions, but they’re super fun movies. Cheers!

  • Tim McGregor says:

    The Faculty is brilliant! The whole appeal of that movie is how it mashed up Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Breakfast Club. Why can’t there be more movies like this?

    The best line is when the dykey girl grabs the gun and says “I’ll fucking shoot her!”

  • James Harden says:

    Oh and congrats on 500,000 sales. Wow. There should be a trophy for that.

  • James Harden says:

    Ha! I’ve just started re-watching Dawson’s creek season 1. Joey is so hot. I never noticed the first time around but kevin williamson put ‘i know what you did last summer’ posters all through episode 1. Classic cross promotion.