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The Best Things in Life are Batman

February 5th, 2011 by
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Last night, I dreamt that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I got a really cute dog. Some kind of pug mix, and it was super cute.

So I woke up today, thinking about what a swell guy Joseph Gordon-Levitt is, and I tried to convince Eric to let me watch Inception tonight (but failed – we’re watching Buried now). And then I learned the most magical wonderful news ever – Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to be in the new Batman!

Me & Eric are hoping he’s the Riddler, but really, I don’t care what he is as long as he’s in it. (There is actually a video floating around on the Youtube of me drunkenly sobbing over Robin Williams possibly being the Riddler instead of JGL).

I am pretty sure that the third Batman film is going to be the greatest experience of my entire life.

I love Batman. A LOT. Probably too much, but I don’t care.

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  • I didn’t realized that a new BatMan movie was coming out. Cool! I love all things super hero!

  • @Anon Thanks for the tip. I hadn’t read that one, so I just bought it.

    I’d actually being hearing rumors that he might play rumor – and if you want to understand the sheer level of my insane fandom – I was completely sober, and I actually teared up in sadness because I was afraid Robin would ruin the franchise.

    Yep. I’m a crazy person. But Hugo Strange is creepy awesome.

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like he’s slated to play Professor Hugo Strange, a villain from Batman’s early days. If possible, check out the “Strange Apparitions” story arc to get the best read on what they will most likely do w/ JGL’s character.

  • ashley says:

    lol i was having this argument with my hubby and his friends the other day I said batman was the best they said superman the argument ended when my brother said no spiderman ugh! so we choose to put our awesomeness together and harass him…

  • @Meghan Buried was okay. The whole movie takes place in a box, but it was pretty tense.

    @Robin Bobby is pretty much my doppelganger.

    @Crystle I love Inception. Well, I love most if, except for the parts with Mal. I don’t love those, but I’m okay with them. I mostly love Tom Hard, JGL, and the soundtrack. And the hallway scene.

    @EJ I KNOW! Christopher Nolan is the greatest thing to ever happen to cinema.

  • E.J. Wesley says:

    Minds will be blown! I heard they’re filming most of it in super-duper wide IMAX camera, and I can’t freaking wait to see it!

  • crystle says:

    I’m not a fan a Batman but I love JGL! Oh and inception is amazing,if you haven’t seen it yet its a must watch!!

  • kris10inger says:

    I thought he was really cute in Inception! He has really grown into the face i luv it :}

  • I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Like a lot. I cannot wait to see him in Batman. Or pretty much any other movie or TV show.

  • Sarah says:

    I’m with you. Best super-hero ever.