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The Best of Us Can Find Happiness in Misery

August 10th, 2011 by
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  • Have a good day, Sir/Madam
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  • Anonymous says:

    really just a music video? I come here to read some kind of news about whats going on about your books if there’s something new coming out or whatever…if I wanted to come and see just a music video I’d go to youtube….just sayin.

  • Mari Stroud says:

    It’s the “mi-i-i-i-sery” that gets me every. Single. Time. I swear Patrick Stump makes up notes (and nails them!) solely to show off.

  • SBJones says:

    Haha, That was awesome when he grew a foot, slapped the guy, and pushed him down. Reminded me of Foo Fighters Everlong video and Handor!

  • ajkulig says:

    I love FOB though I always thought Joe as a flasher was midly disturbing… I mean, he is SO HAIRY lol

  • Vetsy says:

    Funny video, good song.

  • Oooh thank you for posting this, Amanda. I love Fall Out Boy. Do you by any chance like Muse? Or Death Cab for Cutie?

  • bwellman says:

    This makes me want to drop water balloons from a tall building.