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synth pop matters

April 27th, 2009 by
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I think the next novel I write will take place in the 80’s. I am obsessed with that decade. I just think it would be so awesome to turn on the radio and here it. And make mix tapes. And see John Hughes in theaters. And watch Golden Girls. (RIP Bea Arthur 🙁 )

Tonight I watched Family Guy and there was a reference to Silence of the Lambs and I almost wet myself with glee.

I finished re-editing my first book for the last time until someone professional does it. It’s good as I can humanly make it on my own. And I’ve read it twenty times in three months, so I’m ready to take a break from reading it.

I need to go back to working on third book, but I haven’t felt like it cause I’ve been working so heavy on the first one.

This is really hard. I’ve worked harder on this than I have on anything else in my entire life, but I’m going to continue working hard on it until I get what I want. If I never get what I want, then I guess I’ll just work hard until I die.

But I’m toying around with the idea about a superhero book. Maybe I’ll have that take place in the 80’s. Or would that be too Watchmen-esque? I’d also like to write about a unicorn. But how the hell do you write about a unicorn? I don’t really know.

Oh well. I’ll figure it out before I write. But right now, I’m just working on this one. And hopefully, this will turn out well. Soon.

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