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Surprise! New Book!

May 29th, 2021 by
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The New York Times Bestselling author of the Trylle Saga and Freeks returns with her first novel written for adults. A slow burn romance collides with gothic horror in 1890s Michigan.

Emiliath lives in a cloistered religious sect with her sisters and brothers, as she has for over twenty-one years. Her life is stable and quiet, but she has begun to feel a longing for something more. When tragedy hits close to home, she starts to connect with a handsome stranger from the city, Trent.

But her quiet life is far more sinister than it seems, and Trent has his own secrets. On top of that, a hungry beast is lurking in the forest, and it might be the end of everything Emiliath has ever known.


Get BESTOW THE DARKNESS in paperback

So… I wrote a book during the pandemic. This book, to be exact. It was my way of coping with anger, frustration, isolation, and a lot of other things. What I was drawn to were moody, intense gothic romances, so that’s what I wrote. It is a stand alone novel, but if you all really enjoy it, I have ideas for a tie-in novella that I will happily write if you are interested. But there will be no more books beyond the one novel and a possible novella.

This is a super disjointed rollout, I know, but I just needed to get this book out into the world. Right now, it is available as an ebook and paperback, with audio coming in the future.

I plan to have a more traditional rollout for my next book – with cover reveals, preorders, and review copies sent out – but this book was different.

I want to a compile a list of people to review books, so if you are interested in getting advanced review copies of this or future books, please email me at hocking_books at, and include the following info: your name, any blogs/bookstagram/booktube/booktok info you have, what your favorite genres to read are, if you prefer ebooks or paperbacks, and your mailing address (if you prefer paperbacks).

Also, please tell me if you are specifically interested in BESTOW THE DARKNESS. I will be sending out a few copies for review, but they will be ebooks ONLY for this book.

I made a video where I explain more in depth about the writing process and why I’m releasing it this way. You can watch below:

And as usual, I made a playlist a go along with the book that I listened to when I was writing. This one really inspired me and helps enhance the overall feel of the book, so I highly recommend listening along when you read BESTOW THE DARKNESS .

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