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Some Promo Stuff & Motion City Soundtrack

February 3rd, 2011 by
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Some info:

My KTTC interview (the NBC affiliate out of Rochester, MN) will be on Thursday, February 3rd at 10 PM. I’ve been told it with be on the KTTC website at some point, but I’m not sure when. I’ll have links and what not when it is up (assuming I’m not horrible in it).

The interview I did with a reporter for USA Today should be in the edition on sale next Thursday, February 10th. That’s not completely certain yet, but that’s what I’ve heard so far.

And I got this tweet today:

I’m pretty excited about that. I do in fact mention Motion City Soundtrack a couple times in My Blood Approves (Jack and Alice talk about them and go see them at First Ave), and I also listened to MCS a bunch while writing Hollowland (mostly “Disappear”). And I put “Always Running Out of Time” by Motion City Soundtrack on the soundtrack for Honalee.

Now I am going to continue watching Top Chef, and then go to bed.

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  • Misti says:

    Congrats on the TV interview. You did great. Very inspirational.

  • Congrats on the interview!

    As to Top Chef – Love the show. I’d like to see a cook off between Richard and Angelo, which is funny b/c my culinary tastes jive more with Carla’s cooking.

    Carla might end up sneaking in and taking it all, though – ya never know!

    Quacking Alone

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  • Jon King says:

    Congrats, Amanda! You’re makin’ it big!

  • Anonymous says:

    If anyone wants to see Amanda’s interview, here’s the link:

    Good job, Amanda!!!

  • Hope Welsh says:

    Did you tape it so we can see it? 🙂

  • Demon says:

    Congratulations. I know that if that any of the artists I listened to while writing my book contacted me, I would be ecstatic. Though the thought that Buckethead, Breaking Benjamin, or Anya Marina just to name a few would actually talk to me is something that is to be marked as a very special occasion and would merit an equally astounding celebration to that cause.
    Case in point, I hope you are having a party because of this. Anytime another well known public entity wants to start a venture that will add to your immediate book sales, it is a damn good thing.

    Virgil Allen Moore

  • Craig Hansen says:

    Wow, what a fun week for you!

  • norance says:

    That’s rad! I’m a huge bookworm and stumbled across the My Blood Approves series on Amazon (and have since read everything else you’ve written) While I would have loved the series anyway, one particular thing that caught my attention was the fact that you mentioned several awesome bands 🙂

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    PS – please write a follow-up to Hollowland? kthx