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Show & Tell Giveaway – Journals

August 9th, 2012 by
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While planning for Under the Seapalooza, I was trying to come up with some fun ideas for things to and asked for input. Nikki Jefford (author of Entangled and the awesome guest post & giveaway, which you should check out: here) came up with the idea for weekly “Show & Tell” memes.

Here’s how it works:

Unlike ongoing meme’s, this one is temporary – every Thursday throughout the month of Under the Seapalooza. Each week, I’ll show off my favorite something (this week it’s bookmarks), then you show off your favorite thing and enter to win a prize.

This is the schedule for Show & Tell Thursdays:
July 25th – Bookmarks
August 2nd – eReader Skins
August 9th – Journals
August 16th – Book Trailers

This week, it’s journals. With blogging and other online journals, hand written journals probably aren’t as popular as they once were. But there’s something about putting pen to paper that I can’t resist. It’s more active, more personal, and far more private than anything on the internet.

All my books start out on paper, with my writing down ideas in notebooks or journals. In the beginning, it’s usually just a setting or a character name, along with many doodles, but eventually it grows into a full blown outline.

I journaled every day from middle through high school, but now I only journal sporadically. Still, it’s something that I enjoy doing, and it’s helpful when I want to vent or work something out in my head.

Right now, I use a lot of Five Star Notebooks. I know, it’s not exciting at all, but I’ve kinda obsessed with Five Star for years, and now I’m stuck on them. They’re the only notebook I’ve used since I was like 13, and I feel like if I change now, it might ruin everything.

Here’s my current journal:

It’s kinda boring, so I made Sophie be in the picture to spice it up.

So what about you? Do you use an old notebook? A fancy covered journal? Or do you use Microsoft Word?

Whether you love journalling or not, here’s your chance at winning one of two awesome journals that will hopefully inspire all your creative juices.

The first one is this fantastic “under the sea” inspired journal from Nikki Jefford. (Thanks again, Nikki!)

The second one is a cool journal that I chose because it reminded me of Daniel from Wake.

Enter in the Rafflecopter below to win one of the journals. All Show & Tell Giveaways will run until August 25th. It’s open to the US & Canada only, sorry.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks again to Nikki Jefford for coming up with such a fun idea!  

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  • Meg says:

    I need a new journal! I’d love to win! 🙂

  • Rosario says:

    I love journals…but I don’t like to write in them! I actually use apps like evernote or myjournal when I want to share my thoughts or make notes.

  • Patricia says:

    These journals are sooo me,and I have wanted one like the second for years, just haven’t bought it for myself. I buy cheap hardback journals at discount stores, sometimes changing the covers with a montage of art clips. I have journaled on various levels for 40 yrs. I use ye olde puter wp now a lot, but still love the feel of the paper and pen…..When I am inspired, I will grabe anything and write.

  • I actually journal on the computer. I also have a blog that I post information on.

  • Avery says:

    My current journal has a faerie face on it which helps get the creative juices flowing with in my faerie WIP. 😉

  • Avril Keits says:

    Used 3 -5 subject notebooks for journaling when growing up but I don’t currently have a personal journal. Using an engagement calendar to record my children’s special moments each day. Notes on my iphone keep my story ideas. These two journals would be perfect to get me started again. Beautiful books!

  • My current journal is a word document. There’s really nothing special to it. But before that it was one of the Twilight journals.

  • Lately I’ve been keeping two journals. My big dream journal where I write about all the things I am planning for my future. The other is a gratitude journal, just a daily reminder of all that I have.

  • Erika says:

    I use journals more as idea books and carry them around with me all of the time!

  • Great giveaway! Both journals are beautiful!