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September 4th, 2009 by
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Now that I have the internet, I have once again entered the exhausting and anxious business of trying to get my book published.

I have decided to focus all my attention on Switched because it isn’t as generic or redundant as book about vampires right now. (Not that My Blood Approves is either of those things. But it is about vampires.) And not that many people are writing about sexy trolls and have high school bands referencing John Hughes. I win on those counts

Here is my query letter, if you feel like writing one:

“When Wendy Everly was six-years-old, her mother tried to kill her because she was convinced Wendy was a monster. Eleven years later, Wendy’s still not sure if her mother was right. In my 90,000 word urban fantasy/young adult SWITCHED, Wendy finds herself being “stalked” by Finn Holmes, and she can’t decide if he’s creepy or foxy, or maybe both. Then he tells her that she’s a changeling, and despite her better judgment, she lets him take her back to the world of Trylle – beautiful, powerful, wealthy, and entirely supernatural. Suddenly, Wendy finds herself poised for a throne she doesn’t want and falling for someone she can’t have, and it seems that everything has a very high price.

The story is based on the original interpretation of trolls as cunning and beautiful, but wild and ill-tempered. At its heart, SWITCHED is a modern fairy tale, trying to mesh the worlds of Jim Henson (Labyrinth) and John Hughes (Pretty in Pink). SWITCHED is meant to be the first of a trilogy, with the story culminating in Wendy’s rise to power. I’ve already started writing the sequel and have the outline for the third.”

The end.

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  • Kendra says:

    I just was reading through some of your older posts and I was so excited when you said that one word, SWITCHED. I am looking at all of the hardships and everything you are going through here, but I just wanted to say, I loved this book. I dont know what the agents were thinking about not publishing at the time, but I just read the first two of these in two days during the night since I dont have time in the day. I stayed up all night reading these books and can’t wait until I am able to get the 3rd one(hopefully soon when i can actually buy it..) You are i think a great inspirations to future writers of loving a pasion and keep going with it. 🙂

  • agyw says:

    Now I know I have to read your stuff. This is a similar premise as Holly Black’s Tithe, and I loved it. Weird experience, the first time I attempted to write, like you I had that infernal editor sitting on my shoulder. At the time I was attempting horror, because I just loved it so. I had what I thought was an unique idea, except in the middle of trying to flesh it out, her comes Clive Barker with Cabal. It stopped me in my tracks, and was even MORE gobsmacked, because King had released The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon the same year. It wasn’t until I read his a number of years later, I understood the same premise does not even resemble the same story. Course since then was the Bartimaus anthologies. Shows to go ya, just write the damned thing. Oh wait YOU know that. I’m the fool that keeps hiccupping. *burp* excuse me.