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Q&A and Two New Giveaways

April 27th, 2015 by
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I’m doing a Q&A over at Wattpad. How it will work is from April 27th (today) until May 3rd, go to this page here, titled Ask Me Anything, where you can ask me anything – about Ice Kissed, my writing process, my dog Isley, whatever.

The only thing I’ll ask from you is to please check my FAQs first to see if I’ve already answered the question. I don’t mind answering the questions again, but I do get really excited and do a happy dance every time I encounter a question I haven’t had before. Ask me questions: here.

Then May 4th, I’ll be answering the questions that have collected on Wattpad. I’ll try to answer most of them, but it depends on how many questions I get, and how long it takes me answer. And I’ll be giving away 5 signed bookplates to my favorite questions!

You can also check out my Wattpad profile and other excerpts, including the newly posted excerpt from Ice Kissed. You can read it: here, and you can check my Wattpad profile out: here.

There are two new giveaway starting today – one for the entire Watersong quartet, and a quick one for an ARC of Ice Kissed. Go here to enter the Watersong giveaway, and go here to enter the Ice Kissed ARC giveaway.

Be sure to keep checking the Giveaways & Contests button on the main page, because I’ll be adding more throughout the summer (including a really fun one next week). The giveaway for the UK editions of Frostfire and Trylle: The Complete trilogy has ended and winners have been contacted.

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  • Lauren says:

    Where do you usually get your ideas? Have you ever had an idea that you started using, but ended up not using because you were stuck and couldn’t figure out how to continue on with it? And lastly, how do you keep track of all your characters from each book series?

  • Morgen Patrick says:

    How much research goes into each book and how much of it is purely imagination?

  • Heather Pinson says:

    If you could write to any song, which one would it be, something that inspires you to write?

  • Kristen Cook says:

    How many books our you planning to write because I cant wait to have every last one of them. And I cant wait to read them in the future.

  • Cassie Young says:

    AmanDa! What do you do when you’re not writing or reading! I know you have your pup and of course your husband but what is something that is readers don’t know about you get!? 🙂

    • Cassie Young says:

      Woa! I obviously got too excited there and didn’t check my autocorrect!!! 😉
      **what is something that us readers don’t know about you yet!?

  • Hey I coulldn’t find the play list but here is a favorite song of mine…

    • That’s a great song! And thanks for letting me know about the playlist. I’d put in the wrong link, but I’ve corrected it now. This comment still counts toward entering the giveaway, 🙂