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February 27th, 2011 by
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What you may not know about me is that I love rodents. Hamsters are my favorite, but I love rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, mice, gerbils, and rats. I watched an episode of Hoarders tonight, and this neat place called North Star Rescue took in over a thousand rats. They’re working to find them all homes. Also, on the main page of their site, they say the recently took in a lot of hamsters as well.

I’ve secretly harbored a fantasy for years of running a hamster sanctuary, and it’s great to see a place like North Star Rescue working like they are.

I’m too far away to adopt an animal from them or volunteer my time (they’re in California), but they have a PayPal button where you can donate money. They also have a list of supplies they need and an address to ship them.

So, if you’re an animal lover, and if you can, please donate or send supplies. And if you’re nearby, I encourage you to volunteer or adopt a rat or hamster. They really do make excellent pets.

Here’s the link for North Star Rescue: click here.

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  • I did what I could: I adopted three little ones. Since you say you like them, here’s a picture from the day I brought them home, and here’s a newer one of them cuddled with their big “sisters”.

    Thank you for mentioning NSR on your blog. They’re great people 🙂

  • I had a chinchilla for 11 years and he died of old age cuddled with his *mommy* (that would be me) ChiChi had a good life and yes, we did adopt him from a nasty dirty lady who had him in a cage with 3 other chinchillas. He recovered beautifully and was like a family member; the dog would cuddle with him and the cats made sure he was groomed properly (of course he’d immediately jump in his dust bath after they were done ‘mothering’ him) Let’s just say, he was very loved.

  • Ninja says:

    Guinea pigs! I was a hamster person until I discovered the joy of having guinea pigs. I wouldn’t describe myself as a hoarder, though… The most I had was six. Currently just two and although I’d love to expand the herd by a pig or two, I’d prefer to take in rescues. I’m in California, but North Star is a little far from where I am. I was volunteering at Bakersfield Guinea Pig Rescue, but they’ve since gone under, which is unfortunate. I hope the animals find homes and if I could adopt one, I really would. 🙂

  • Cindra says:

    We’re into guinea pigs, but we have two fairly awesome gerbils. I saw the rat episode. Every time I see that show I worry that I’m hoarding guinea pigs. They’re too cute and I don’t mind rescuing them. The animal rescue idea was something I was thinking about too.

  • Griffey says:

    FWIW: Rabbits aren’t rodents…they are Lagomorphs. 🙂

  • Allison says:

    In my childhood I had a wonderful gerbil I named Gerbie… creative? I know! I love rodents but run in fear from bugs, even as small as a lady bug.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have an hamster whom I adore. She runs freely in our hamster-proof apartment and as a result is smart and alert. She climbs on me for a better vintage point and welcomes caresses but for the most part, she lives an independent life. She spends considerable amount of time stacking piles of grains in hidden places.

    I am also a writer (although not as fun as you, I write about technology) but your example inspires me to self-publish my next book.

  • Anonymous says:

    EWWWW!!!!!! Sure i love animals but not rats or mice!!!! FYI Trylle Trilogy needs more books. i have already read all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Ginahweenah says:

    =} Will be sending a care package and a donation. Thanks for using your visibility to increase theirs! I’m an animal lover who until this moment hadn’t realized the sheer number of rodents I have loved over the years! Started with my gerbil in grade 5 and went on to rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and a mole that moved into my house one year and I didn’t have the heart to exterminate! Happy day to you and thanks again for bringing these furry friends in need to our attention!=}