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Introducing the Seven Fallen Hearts

December 29th, 2021 by
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In a world filled with Magic, Love might be the final answer in the war between Good and Evil

When Lux is sent after a sheltered Princess, he disobeys his Master. Now Lux is battling goblins, sea dragons, and his own heart.

The fairy tale begins in 
Virtue – the first book in the Seven Fallen Hearts. This second edition of the book includes revised and extended scenes.

Get Virtue in paperback or ebook

Over ten years ago, I wrote and published a fairy tale romance called Virtue. It was something I wrote for me, during a tumultuous time, but I kept thinking about it all these years.

Finally, I came up with a concrete idea for the world. I have reedited, revised, and extended the original Virtue. I’ve re-released it in paperback and ebook, and it is now the first novel in a series that I’m calling the Seven Fallen Hearts.

Below are common questions I’ve gotten about Virtue and the Seven Fallen Hearts.

What changes did you make from the original version of Virtue to the new edition?

I explain more in depth in my YouTube video (which you can watch: here) but basically, the original work had some problematic issues. Things like body-shaming and some internalized misogyny, which I needed to change.

I also expanded scenes and chapters to make the story richer and more in depth, and I made a few tweaks to the final chapters to make the book more open-ended for the rest of the series.

What is the Seven Fallen Hearts? How many books will there be in the series?

The Seven Fallen Hearts is a young-adult series featuring fairy tale romance and fantasy adventures. There will be four novels and three shorter works (short stories/novellas), so there will be seven works in total in the series. The first book Virtue is out now, and the second book will be out in early 2022. The entire series should be out in paperback and ebook by mid-to-late 2023, but I do not have exact dates for publication yet.

If I bought the ebook of Virtue years ago, will it be updated automatically to the new one?

No, I’m sorry. The ebook is low-priced, though, and there will be sales in the future. Virtue is also out in paperback for the first time.

How do I know which version of Virtue I have?

The copyright for the new edition is 2021, and it has a blue cover with a butterfly on it. Any other cover or copyright date is the old version. The new version was published on December 15, 2021 and the old version was removed from sale before that, so if you bought the copy before that day, it is likely the old version, and if you bought it after that day, it is likely the new version.

Anything else I should know about Virtue?

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