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new layout!

April 18th, 2010 by
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I made a new layout for my blog to match the cover of the  hit sensation My Blood Approves, and it took a lot longer than should’ve been necessary. Much much longer. But here it is, and oh boy was it worth it. Maybe.

I’d also like to take the time to thank the people that have supported me and my writing over the years, and I’d like to thank those of you who have purchased my book. I appreciate you spending money and taking a chance an unknown author, and  I hope you enjoy it.

I’m trying to connect with other self-published/indie authors, but its hard.  I mean, they all seem nice and welcoming, but apparently, I’m shy and rambley, even in internet form. Hopefully,  I can overcome this and join the writing community in a real way.

At any rate – I hope all is well with the world, and feel free to comment. About anything. Ever.

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  • agyw says:

    Amanda, I’ve found your posts inspiring, poignant, thought provoking and a bit shocking (we have far too much in common. Have you read Outside Over There? Are you familiar with the work of Brian Froud? These are confluences of expressions, media. This old broad was madly in love with Labyrinth when it came out, as with so many of the others listed. I think it one of the perfect coming of age stories (“IT’S NOT FAIR!”) I had a book Froud had coauthored with Alan Lee, and Froud was a collaborator with Jim Henson, so you can see some of the direct influence. I wonder too if Tim Burton was influences, as he uses some of the same thematic visuals throughout his films (stripes). Anyhow, sorry for the geek shining through. I’ve been blessed for a nobody who’s been associated with great projects but had precious little to show for herself with knowing some very talented people (and accepted and nurtured) and the theme throughout (no less than the magnificent Pat McCissack said it the best– Different is not wrong). You are a part of the writing community, because of your intrepidation, skill, and dedication. If I’d not been so busy pursuing, well at this point I was treading water not pursuing, my dreams and been bent on being more as Konrath calls it, Heritage publishing, I’d have been absorbing your blog and feeding you on. Hope you don’t mind the comments in hindsight. I will FB message you my link, in case you’re interested in knowing more about me. If not, I do understand. Hell, people I know have a totally different thing to balance, once they’ve found success. I get that no matter what it’s a trade-off. One other thing. I LOVE how you’re talking about spreading how happy you feel with writing to your readership. I give voice to the alienated, and events of the last few years, I’ve let that joy slip away. Thanks to reading your blog, I’m going to pick up the gauntlet and start pursuing again, and this is what I’m pursuing. Thank you for that direction. I hope you still feel that way and never lose that feeling (though creative people have to be careful, we are prone to depression). May you always have joy in your life.