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NEW from the Hollows!

July 18th, 2023 by
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The big news from the Hollows is that a THIRD book is coming Halloween 2023, and there are two brand new short stories out, as well as updated versions of the first two books.

Similar to what I’ve done with the My Blood Approves Saga, I have updated and re-edited Hollowland and Hollowmen, and I’ve rereleased them as Hollowland: Redux and Hollowmen: Redux in both paperback and ebook. Along with correcting any missed grammatical errors, I have also updated problematic language and situations, and I have also enhanced and expanded the world.

The two new short stories are “Into the Hollow Dark” and “Into the Hollow Horde.” Both of them take place between books one and two of the Hollows, with the first one being from Max’s POV and the second one from Harlow’s POV. They are available both as individual ebooks, and “Into the Hollow Dark” is included in the paperback and ebook of Hollowland: Redux and “Into the Hollow Horde” is included in the paperback book and ebook of Hollowmen: Redux.

The third book in the Hollows is set to be out by Halloween 2023. If you can’t wait to see what’s happenign with the Hollows, check out my Patreon: People on my Patreon will be voting on the official cover next month (August 2023), and they’ve been voting on character names. They will have first looks at how the third book is going, and they will be able to read excerpts of Hollows Book #3 before it’s release.

Below is a video where I talk more in depth about what’s new with the Hollows and what’s to come:

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