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My Blood Approves Fun Facts

October 26th, 2016 by
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As I was preparing for Swear, I went through the first four books and the novella, re-reading them and taking notes to make sure that I had all my facts straight and the story was fresh in my mind. While I was doing that, I realized that there were a few facts that readers might enjoy that I never revealed in the series – like birth dates and middle names. So I compiled them all for you in some fun fact cards.

The reason it says “Age in Swear” for the fact cards is because the first four books of the My Blood Approves series take place in 2008-2009, but Swear jumps forward a few years to 2014, so everyone is a bit older now.

Also, the “née” after their names is a term that refers to their birth name when their current last name is different. It’s most commonly used with woman and their maiden names after they’re married, but that’s mostly because women change their surnames far more often than men do in the US. But here I’ve used it because characters like Jack were born with different names – his was Jack Hobbs – but he changed when it was “adopted” into the family, and now goes by Jack Townsend. So his name as listed as “Jack Allen Townsend, née Hobbs.”

But anyway, here are the fun facts below, and it’s only TWO weeks until the My Blood Approves series comes to an end!!

fun-fact-1-alice fun-fact-4-milo fun-fact-5-bobby fun-fact-6-ezra fun-fact-7-anna fun-fact-9-leif fun-fact-10-olivia


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  • Katrin says:

    Cannot await the german translation

  • Cristina Clare says:

    Née is the feminine form of né, both meaning “born”. The correct grammar would be “John Smith, né Jones” for a male and “Jane Smith, née Jones” for a female. It is the same principle as fiancé (male) and fiancée (female). The pronunciations are the same but the spelling is different because of the rules of the French language. My guess is because “né” is uncommon you have never seen the masculine form and therefore are unaware of it.

  • Alicia Deter says:

    That was awesome, thank u Amanda! I pre ordered swear as soon as i found out about and ive never had such an excruciating wait for anything ever and theres still 2 more weeks to go! Ill just have to re read the series for the 100th time to pass the days! Hopefully ill win the autographed set so i have the physical books to read and not a nook! Keep churning out awesome stories for me to devour!

  • kathy says:

    great facts now ive learned much more of them thanks for sharing.😀😍