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April 13th, 2015 by
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The big Frostfire giveaway is still underway, so you should enter for your chance to win one of five Grand Prize packages and one of fifteen Runnerup Prize packages. (It’s called Runnerup, but it’s still pretty sweet.) If you want to enter, go: here

A new giveaway has also started today, this time for the UK Editions of Frostfire and Trylle: The Complete Trilogy. It’s open internationally, because I think the UK covers are lovely, so I wanted to give everyone a chance to get their hands on them. If you want to enter, go: here.

Frostfire UK UK Cover for the Special Edition Trylle 3-in-1 Complete Trilogy

I’m going to be adding more giveaways throughout the month, so be sure to keep checking the Giveaways & Contests button on the main page.

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  • Julia Williams Reed says:

    Wendy is my favorite!!!

  • Jenny T says:

    My favourite character is Loki <3
    absolutely love love love!

  • My favorite character is Wendy! I related to her the most and really enjoyed that series! I made my mom read the books as well and we both feel in love with the world’s you create! Your amazing…keep writing and I’ll keep reading! Thank you for an incredible chance and even more incredible stories!

  • says:


  • gemiinii90 says:

    Loki is my favorite <3

  • Micheala Philpitt says:

    Favorite character would probably have to be Loki. 🙂

  • Táňa says:

    My favourite character is Wendy!! 🙂

  • Táňa says:

    Thank you for the chance! 🙂 🙂 😉

  • Victoria Davis says:

    Ripley from Hollowland remains one of my favourite characters. xx

  • alyssa says:

    Loki is my favorite character.