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Meet Gemma Fisher

July 27th, 2012 by
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I’m going to do a “meet a character from Watersongpost. It’s just a quick questionnaire that introduces the characters, as well as a pictures of actors that resemble how I imagined them.

This week, it’s Gemma Fisher, one of the leads in Watersong.

Alexis Dzeina would play “Gemma” in my dream cast

Gemma is also on the cover of Wake
  1. Real name: Gemma Anne Fisher
  2. Birthday: April 11th
  3. Age: 16
  4. Zodiac: Aries
  5. Boy or Girl: Girl
  6. High School: I’m going to be a Junior at Capri High School
  7. College: None yet
  8. Job: None
  9. Hair Color: Brown with golden highlights
  10. Eye Color: Light brown
  11. Height:5’3″
  12. Piercing/Tattoos: Just my ears are pierced. I had my cartilage pierced when I was 14, but it got infected. No tattoos yet 😉
  13. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None right now, but I do have a crush on someone…
  14. Best friend: Either Madison from the swim team, or my sister Harper
  15. Last person you talked to: Coach Levi
  16. Last person you texted: Harper
  17. Last person you watched a movie with:My dad. We watched a SyFy movie together.
  18. Last song you listened to: Cobra Starship – “You Make Me Feel”
  19. Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  20. Favorite Bands: Rihanna
  21. Favorite Books: Matilda by Roald Dahl
  22. Favorite Food: Peanut butter 
  23. Favorite Beverage: Water
  24. Favorite Possession: My car
  25. Favorite Place:The bay, at night.

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  • Rosario says:

    I love this theme…these colors are gorgeous.

  • Magnetic eye nail polish? Awesome.

  • eclairre says:

    Love this!!! Thanks for the giveaway

  • Sayomay says:

    I love the shade!

  • Alicia Deter says:

    Love the nail polish! Awesome giveaway!

  • BrandyDull says:


  • I’m crazy about anything with peacocks, and those shades of shadow and nails are truly beautiful! You freakin’ rock!


  • Ricki says:

    That eyeshadow is beautiful, I love feathered hair accessories, and I have been wanting to try the magnetic nail polish.

  • That eye shadow is so beautiful. I wish I knew how to wear such colors. I have a set of aquamarine colors that I wore once and I think I looked ridiculous. They were so pretty I had to try them. I really loved the My Blood Approves series. I still think you should write the last book and write it how you want it to be. Pfft to the haters.