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Meet Daniel Morgan

August 17th, 2012 by
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I’m going to do a “meet a character from Watersongpost. It’s just a quick questionnaire that introduces the characters, as well as a pictures of actors that resemble how I imagined them.

This week, it’s Daniel Morgan, one of the leads and love interests in Wake.

Daniel Johns as “Daniel.” The former-lead-singer of Silverchair may not be an actor, but he is named Daniel, so its serendipity. Also, he’s foxy. And Australian.

Daniel is on my favorite cover (along with Penn)
  1. Full Name: Daniel Grant Morgan
  2. Birthday: September 1st
  3. Age: 20
  4. Zodiac:Virgo
  5. Boy or Girl: Boy
  6. High School:Capri High School
  7. College: None
  8. Job: Handyman
  9. Hair Color:Dirty blonde
  10. Eye Color: Hazel
  11. Height: 6’1″
  12. Piercing/Tattoos: I had my left ear pierced in high school, but the hole grew closed. I have a large tattoo on my back.
  13. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: I’ve been single for awhile now.
  14. Best Friend: I’m between best friends, I guess
  15. Last person you talked to:Pearl, my occasional boss
  16. Last person you texted: My mom
  17. Last song you listened to: Elliott Smith – “Miss Misery”
  18. Favorite Movie: Jaws
  19. Favorite Bands: Led Zepplin
  20. Favorite Books: On the Road by Jack Kerouac
  21. Favorite Food: Pearl’s Clam Chowder
  22. Favorite Beverage: Grape soda
  23. Favorite Possession: My boat, The Dirty Gull 
  24. Favorite Place: Out in the ocean on my boat

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  1. Rosario says:

    My favorite is that coral bowl but that shark art is pretty awesome.

  2. Harry says:

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  3. I love the looks of the coral fish bowl! SWEET

  4. Tiffenny says:

    I’m not sure what to write other than this is to awesome!!! 🙂 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 🙂

  5. Erika says:

    That clock is so awesome!

  6. I love them all but I agree the clock is amazing!!

  7. Les Braddock says:

    The vinyl clock looks sweet!

  8. That shark art is so awesome!!!

  9. Seriously with another amazing giveaway?!? That bowl is gorgeous, as is Daniel. And the clock and shark art are awesome-sauce!