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August 16th, 2010 by
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I’m going through a thing… we’ll call it “insanity.” It takes me 7 days to adjust to any major changes in my life – good or bad. I’m on day 2, and I’m still deep in the crazies.

I’m now a full-time author. No day job. Just writing. This is awesome, terrifying, humbling, and completely surreal. It’s both unexpected and expected.

This is a quote from my Myspace page (which I wouldn’t recommend visiting, cause it’s old and dead) from April 27, 2009:

The other day, I was in the car, and it was beautiful and I was listening to something on the radio, and I thought, “Wait. This is what life is going to be like.” And I was very excited. Because my life won’t always be winter. Someday, it will be different than this. And it will be very exciting.

You’ll see.
And today, it was gorgeous out, and I was driving home from my friend Kalli’s house listening to Motion City Soundtrack, and I thought, rather startling, “This is my life. This is what it’s going to be like from now on.”

It was very surreal.

Anyway – I haven’t answered an email all weekend, but I’ll be replying to them all tomorrow. I needed a couple days off to celebrate/cope. Life is scary and strange, and I’ve learned that nothing is impossible.

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  • Ellen Faith says:

    Wow. Congrats big time!

    How, out of curiosity, how do you become a full time self published writer?

    So jealous.

  • Lorraine says:

    You worked very hard to get to this point so take a little time to relax before hitting the “books” hard again 🙂
    As always, I am very proud you for not giving up on yourself an your gift.

  • Congratulations, that is pure awesomeness. I’m glad everything is going well for you (except those nasty spiders, of course. I think you need a pest man for those!)

  • @ Anthony Thank you!

    @ Jen I just replied on Goodreads, and thank you!

    @ Val Eric paid for me to see Scott Pilgrim, too, haha. Did you like it? I did.

    @ Alex Thank you!

  • Oh my gosh! I feel SOOOO weird not having a job. Especially right now because I haven’t started the new semester yet. I feel like I need to get a job asap before I lose all my money. Plus it feels weird to spend ALL of Gregg’s money and for him to be ok with it. We went to Scott Pilgrim yesterday and it felt naughty to spend his money without the intent to pay him back. I love my sugar daddy, but I don’t want him to feel like one.

  • Sometimes the things that scare us the most end up being the most rewarding experiences! You are super talented and you are an author!!! Looking forward to Wisdom! (Left you a message on Goodreads)

  • Anthony says:

    Congratulations! I’m glad to see that this life has panned out for you, and that you worked hard and continue to work hard to ensure your life as a full-time writer. I hope to read your books someday!

    Keep writing! 🙂