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It’s Christmas Time, Again.

November 26th, 2010 by
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I got a good chunk of my Christmas shopping today. On the internet. I’m not gave enough to fight the crowds at actual shopping centers. I wanted to do all my Christmas shopping from the comfort of my home, but some things just aren’t available on the internet.

Anyway – I’ve begun working on the boxsets. I looked at several different options for boxes, and I tried to come up with what I thought would be the best bets and most affordable options.

So here’s the ideas I have so far:

10 “Boxsets” of the first 4 books in the My Blood Approves series, but they won’t really be boxsets. They’ll be tied together with a ribbon, and they’ll come with mini bookmarks and be autographed. They’ll be priced at $30 (plus shipping).

For 5 Special Edition Box Sets with handmade boxes, bookmarks, stickers, and autographs on all 4 books. I’ll even do a personal message, if you want. These box sets will be priced at $50 (plus shipping). I wanted to do them for less, but the boxes really make that not cost effective.

If this goes well, I will do more of the boxsets. I probably will on occassion do Special Edition box sets.

Also, over the holidays, I’m going to try to get up individual copies of MBA, Switched, and Hollowland that I’ll sign and sell from this site.

Oh, and Hollowland will be getting a makeover for the holidays, so watch out for that. 

I’ll have more info on that in about a week.

December is going to be REALLY busy for me. But I think I can get it all done. Because I’m magic.

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