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May 4th, 2011 by
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Some fun stuff:

I got a message from Paul Durham the band Black Lab today. I use their hit song “This Night” in the book trailer for Letters to Elise, and he likes it. But he also wanted me to let people know about their big radio launch for their new album Two Strangers (which I bought months ago, because it’s awesome, and you should buy it too).

So, you can get “This Night“:  here  and learn more about the band here: And you really should. I’ve mentioned them before on my blog because they really are an excellent band. Check out the song “Ten Million Years” if you haven’t yet.

And here’s the trailer for the video, with “This Night” on it: 

Also in fun news:

I took a fan made quiz for Hollowland on Goodreads, and I totally got one wrong. Some of the questions were hard. If you want to see if you can beat my score, check it out: here.

On a related note, hopefully within the week, I’ll have a blog announcing release dates for a bunch of books, including Hollowmen (the sequel to Hollowland) and Swear (the final book in the MBA series).

And this song is my current obsession (at least for today).

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  • Took the quiz it was hard questions but fun!! Can not wait for the new books!

  • Danny Pettry says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I think you’re really cool.
    And thanks so much for writing your books!

    I loved “Letter to Elise.”

    I posted a blog about it to help get the word out to people:

    Hmm. that’s all I have to say.

    thanks for sharing your favorite song, too. I like it.

  • Esmer says:

    I’m pretty sure I missed the one that asked where Remy was from.
    When’s Hollowmen coming out? I’ll look over the old blogs….

  • Nicole says:

    Can’t wait to hear the release date for MBA!! I just recently came across all of your books last week and am happy to say that I finished the Trylle Trilogy and My Blood Approves series in a short 4 days! Kinda mad at myself for not making them last longer…now I have to sit and wait=( Love them!!! Your an awesome author!

  • M Pax says:

    I enjoy Black Lab on my playlist.

  • Nichole says:

    I can’t waiiiit for Swear! Yay! I started reading your books a few months ago and I guess I missed the fact that you were coming out with another one for MBA! 🙂 Extremely happy about it!!

  • ajkulig says:

    I LOVE Black Lab. I have never commented on your blog, I mostly just stalk… er enjoy your blog posts but I had to say that. Especailly since they were one of the few bands I could listen to last night. I was having one of those evenings where all of my music distracted me from my writing. All I could listen to was Black Lab, The Young Veins (odd) select tracks from Owl City and The Postal Service. I must have listened to Ten Million years, nearly ten million times. With out Black Lab I probably would have just continued tweeting nonstop about nothing what so ever, and wondering if I should have dyed my hair purple instead of atomic torquoise.

  • dreamwriting says:

    I got an 80% on the quiz. It was hard. I can’t wait for the new books.

  • Anonymous says:

    You were asking for a witty blog title? What about …… “Hocking it” ? Amanda Hockings Hocking It blog.

    Keep up the good work Amanda! I am inspired to do the same as you, with my writing. You are half my age but if you can do it,,,,,so can I. Thank you, Lesley R

  • Karen Leland says:

    Hi Amanda;

    Great site and congrats on all your success. I’m a freelance journalist and one of the major magazines I write for would be interested in an interview. You can check me out at If you have the time and you are interested, email me at Keep rocking girl!