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July 14th, 2010 by
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It is so unfairly hot in my office right now.

But on to brighter and better things – have you read the fantastic review of the My Blood Approves series at Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust? It’s so awesome, I think I might print it off and frame it. You sorta have to check it out. That’s how good it is. s

Here’s another awesome thing you have to check out: This video from author Zoe Winters. She writes vampire novellas, and according to Amazon, a lot of people who like my books also like her books. So you should check them out. Plus, she is pretty hilarious. 

This is her new webisode called Zoe Who? If you’re not familiar with the writing industry, some of it might not make sense, but I think its funny even you’ve never read or written a word in your life.

In other news worthy news, Switched – my exciting new novel just released a few days ago – is #1 in Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths. I’ve never had a book #1 in any category, so this very exciting to me. (It’s also #33 in Hot New Releases in Teen.)

You may ask, why that category? It’s because Switched is actually based on Scandinavian folklore. In fact, all of the words (like Trylle and Vittra) are Scandinavian, along with the names. I actually looked up a database on the most popular first and last names in Scandinavia for accuracy. Elora’s last name is “Dahl,” which I chose after seeing it on that list because of Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach. 
On the subject of Switched, I’ve gotten a couple fancy reviews today, both on Goodreads and Amazon, and this one here at Do Not Disturb My Books: review
And I said I would have a giveaway for Switched — and I will. As soon as my paperbacks arrive so I can investigate them and decide if they’re worthy or not. If they are deemed worthy, the giveaway will commence. If they’re not… the giveaway will commence at a later date. But it will happen. It really will. 

I’ve had “Childhood” by Michael Jackson stuck in my head for like three days now, and it’s sorta driving me insane. But that’s neither here nor there.

Here’s something else fun: Today, at work, I gave my notice. I’ll still be On-Call (I work at a group home) so I can pick hours as need be, but as of August 13th, I’ll be living on my writing income. I will be a Full-Time Author, those most elusive of all mythical creatures, other than the unicorn. 

It’s exciting and terrifying all at once. It is really awesome, but I couldn’t have done it with out all your support. So thank you!!!!

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  • Archimedes says:

    Congrats on being able to do what you love full time!

  • I am still upset with you for not letting me know about Wisdom, but great post!