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Ice Kissed Teaser Quote – Week 5

April 14th, 2015 by
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Ice Kissed Teaser - Week 5
It’s only three weeks until Ice Kissed comes out, so I thought it was time to turn up the heat a little bit with a quote from Ridley Dresden. While Bryn ended Frostfire still unsure if she should follow her head or her heart – her head wants her to deny her growing attraction to Ridley or her heart desperately wants her to give into it – Ridley is ready to make a decision once and for all in Ice Kissed.

If you haven’t preorderd Ice Kissed yet and you’d like to, here are some ways you can do it:

iBookstore – for ebook 
Barnes & Noble – for paperback, ebook, hardcover, & audio
Amazon – for paperback, ebook, hardcover, & audio
Target – for paperback 
Indiebound – for paperback, hardcover, & audio 
Booktopia (Australia) – for paperback 
Waterstones (UK) – for paperback

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  • I am completely in love with your books. I started with the Trylle series when i was given Switched as a present and I have now read all of those, am on the final book of the Watersong series and eagerly waiting for Frostfire and the final book in the Kanin series. I don’t think I could pick any one favourite because I’ve read so many of them and am in love with so many of the characters. I love Loki from the Trylle series, Thea from Watersong but after only one Kanin book, its too hard to choose!

  • I have not had the opportunity to read any of these books as they are usually out of my budget price range. I know I would thoroughly enjoy them if given the opportunity. I am not sure as to which series I should begin with to get the overall understanding of the characters involved.