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I want an agent

October 19th, 2009 by
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This me trying to do The Secret, so my plan to do that is to let the universe know what I really want. So here it is: I want a literary agent.

Specifically, I’d really like Ginger Clark. After following her tweets, I’ve come to believe that she would appreciate my writing probably more than any other agent I’ve read up on. I’m afraid that the query letter I recently emailed her wasn’t enticing enough, so I’m enlisting the universe to try and help me.

She seems like a fun gal that has a chinchillas, which is always a plus. She loves Jack Donaghey, although I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t. (I frequently laugh over his mention of “Rainstorm Katrina.”) She seems fun, enjoyable, and dedicated, and she seems to take risks on new writers.

But what’s in it for her, you ask? I have written a young adult/uban fantasy, which she is interested in, but she wants a twist on something, i. e. not Twilight 2.0. When reading urban fantasy, you will find stories that are perdominately about vampires, werewolves, fae, and to lesser extenet witches and ghosts. But not mine. I have expounded on the story of Vitterfolk, and written a novel with sexy trolls as the protoganists. You don’t see any of that out there. Or at least I haven’t.

I think I’ve written something smart, funny, engaging, and intriguing. I write lots of books, and I’ll continuing writing lots of books. Someday, I am going to be a successful author because I’m not going to give up until I am, and every day, I learn more about the process and that business of publishing.

I don’t have much of platform to speak of, but that’s mostly because I’m poor and live in a small town. However, I’ll work my ass for this book. The one thing I learned from Kathy Griffin is that nothing is too small, and you take whatever work is handed your way. To sell my book, I’d blog/tweet/talk/sign/speak/dance wherever, whenver, constantly until… well there is no “until.” I’d never stop.

On that note, I also think that Ginger Clark should represent me because of her recent expression of fondness for Kathy Griffin. And the one celebrity I am like most in the world is Kathy Griffin. (We’re not identical. She has much less shame than I do. In a good way.) So…

The Secret thing worked for Oprah and Ellen. I hope it works for me…

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  • kara says:

    Hi Amanda, congratulations on your success. I am contacting you to ask permission to reprint this post on my blog. I wanted to talk about perserverance and the power of positive thinking. My blog is there is only one entry ( the first one ) so I’m not trying to get free advertising. I read your faq’s and I didn’t really get a clear understanding of where the best place to ask you for permission was…so I’m going with this. Thank you, you can email me at I know that’s a pain in de’ bum…but I don’t want to use your post without permission. Thanks a lot, and thanks too for the example you are setting.

  • Shadonna says:

    Huge congrats, Amanda! It has worked. Hard work and dedication and talent do pay off!

  • who knew the stuff in The Secret was true….I’m going to start having to speak to the universe more often….

  • Corey Burkes says:

    Apparently it worked! 🙂 Congrats