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Hollowland Updates

March 6th, 2011 by
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Hollowland is getting revamped in preparation for my work on the sequel, Hollowmen. I’ve already began drafting the outline, and I’ll hopefully be able to start writing the book in earnest sometime next month.

Hollowland got a new cover today, courtesy of (who also did the covers for Lost Without You and Honalee). I’m thrilled with the new cover.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a small stack of paperbacks with the old cover of the bleeding heart on it. So I’m going to sign them and sell them off. I don’t have the paperbacks up with the new cover yet (I’m hoping to work on that later today or tomorrow). But if you want to get your hands on the cover with the heart – now is the time to get it.

UPDATE: I’ve sold out of the heart paperbacks of Hollowland. Thanks to everybody for bought a copy!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Loved Hollowland and Hollowmen, can you tell me if there is a third in the series or is it finished now.
    I really hope there is a third as I feel there is so much more that can happen.
    Thanks regards carol

  • Amberly Dives says:

    I love your books so much the first ones I read was the M blood Approves then I didn’t think I would be interested in Trylle trilogy because of the trolls but I loved it as well so I was going to read virtue and I wasn’t going to read Hollowland but I got a sample of it on my kindle so I bought it at like 8:30 and stopped reading at like 10:20ish and read Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer then watched about 5 minutes of Eclipse but stopped then at about 11:45 I pick the book up again and finished it all last night I finished at about2:31 I LOVE YOUR BOOK CANT WAIT TILL MBA #5 AND HOLLOWMEN COME OUT KEEP WRITING PLEASE

  • Just Jacki says:

    I have read My Blood Approves series and your Trylle trilogy. I love your writing style, you have a way of captivating your readers. I am not a zombie fan but I took a chance with Hollowland and I fell in love just like your other books. Keep up the awesome work. I love the fact you write because it is your passion and not just as a means for money. Please don’t lose that 🙂

  • Carol Elias says:

    I loved Hollowland and I can’t wait for the sequel.


  • Anonymous says:

    I hope you get the paperbacks back online soon! I’d like to buy one 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Love the cover, it’s beautiful!

    Finished Hollowland about half an hour ago, even though I really don’t like the idea of zombies. But I just couldn’t resist this book at all. In fact, it may just your books that I can’t resist in general.

    Good luck on the sequel, I’ll be waiting for it.

  • p.s. I have Hollowland..must read it..the new cover has inspired me to sit at the pooter for hours in a trance reading it.


  • Brilliant book cover..well done!!

    Modem broke 2 weeks ago..I am back on the air waves..or cyber space..hmmm…anyhoo look at all the things I missed out on here due to my bloomin ( politely said) modem and the …bloomin… telephone company that took 3 phone calls to replace faulty modem…sigh patience it a virtue.


  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Hollowland is by far my favorite of your books. I cannot wait for part two!!

  • Summer Gayle says:

    that is an amazing cover!