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Help Please: UPDATED

September 15th, 2011 by
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You guys, I need your help with something. I can’t tell you why yet. But I’m having trouble picking a name. I’ve narrowed the list down to the names I like best, and I’d like it if you could pick what names you like the most. So… yep. Please vote and let me know what you think!

UPDATE: To help you all make your decision, I’m just going to clarify that the name is NOT for a leading man. So it need not be the “sexiest” choice.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Amanda, you crack me up! I changed my vote to Rory based on your “third best Culkin” comment (I love the Culkins too — and in the same order as you do!). My first vote was for Axel but I changed it after reading others’ comments (it does sorta sound like Axelrod). Liam, Erik or Noah are ok. The others are a no for me.

  • TeriB says:

    So stoked that my favorite men’s name is in the lead!

    Eric is generic… Erik is not. Erik says ‘no matter how mild I may appear, I am descended from ass-kicking Vikings, and don’t you forget it.’

  • Jen says:

    I choose Erik because it is a generic name. This allows for you to to let the character to develop in any which way you want, without being constrained by the expectations people will have for a more uniquely named person. In a nut shell Erik could be anyone you want him to be. If this is a name for a side character and not a protagonist then you might want to keep it tame, so as to not over shadow you heroine/hero. I know if I were reading and I saw a name like Liam my brain would pull that character from the background to the foreground. I would probably spend a little to much time thinking about this unique sounding character then the author intended.

  • cherie says:

    Linus sounds good for me..

  • Tim says:

    So…looks like I’m the only male that voted. I picked Liam. It’s a good name, fairly unique and strong sounding.

    Oliver’s kind of a sissy name (no offense to any Olivers out there), Linus sounds whiny, Noel sounds like a woman, and Kasper is a woman’s name too (might be good for a strong lesbian character?). Just some thoughts from a guy’s perspective. 🙂

  • Lisa Goodwin says:

    I voted for Liam, like the majority. It sounds like a good name for a supporting character.
    I look forward to learning how this turns out!

  • Anonymous says:

    I picked Rory. Here’s why:
    Elias – Not overused. My #2 choice.
    Oliver – Famous char named Oliver Twist, no.
    Liam – Famous actor named Liam, no.
    Erik- Solid name. My #3 choice.
    Axel – Too Guns & Roses, too Axelrod, no.
    Noah – Is the char a ship’s captain? 😉 No.
    Simon – “Hello, my name is Simon.” Too SNL, no.
    Linus – Famous cartoon char named Linus, no.
    Noel – Famous holiday named Noel, no. Maybe Joel?
    Kasper – Famous ghost named Casper, no.
    Rory – Nice, solid, Britishy name. Not overused. My #1 pick. And no, I’m not British. 🙂