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Hello Zombies – Guestblog from Cassay

October 9th, 2010 by
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Hello Zombiepalooza! First off I would like the thank Amanda for having me here to talk about Zombies.

I have decided to focus on Zombies in movies and television because I am a huge TV/movie junkie. I have picked a few movies and TV shows that I will focus on and have put a classification to the zombie that is featured in each.

The Revengeful Zombie:
If you have ever watched the TV show Supernatural in Season 2 there was an episode called Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things. In this episode, the best friend of the zombie – she died in a horrible car accident decides to bring her back to life and is she ever pissed at her boyfriend and her best friend. Her boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend. I would be pissed too. Boy did she ever get her revenge on these two. I would not want to be on a zombie’s “must get revenge on” list. I’m sure the zombie would make sure I felt whatever pain I caused them and times it by 10. Not a nice way to die. But then again when we are both zombies, we could have a zombie fight to the death.

The Stupid/Funny Zombie:
I’m talking about Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland zombies. These are the zombies that make you kill yourself laughing. The CG isn’t the best on these zombies so they don’t scare the living shit out of you. They are like the zombies you dress up as for Halloween.
Just remember the rules from  Zombieland:
#1: Cardio
#2: Beware of Bathrooms
#3: Seatbelts
#4: Double Tap
#18: Limber Up
#31: Check the Back Seat
#32: Enjoy the Little Things

The Scary as Hell, Gives You Nightmares Zombies:
3 words for you – I Am Legend. Those zombies were scary as hell and gave me nightmares. They are super fast, super strong and their only weakness is they can’t go out in daylight. So instead of being able to see your attacker your pretty much screwed and have to stay out of the streets at night and run like hell if you want to save yourself. 
So that is my take on Zombies. I prefer the stupid/funny zombies because I think I may be able to survive. Any other zombies and I think I’m a goner. Which Zombie would you like to encounter in the real world?
Thanks for reading my take on Zombies. Feel free to visit me at

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  • Teawench says:

    Ooo…I am borrowing Supernatural from my brother and jut picked up Season 2. I’ll have to start watching it as soon as I get home!

    I agree with you, Amanda, on I Am Legend. Had I known about that I never would have watched the thing.

    As for meeting zombies in real life I’d prefer the zombies of Shaun of the Dead. All I’d have to do to survive is shamble about and moan.

  • I finally just say “Zombieland,” and I enjoyed it. I still haven’t seen “Fido” either. And I refuse to watch “I Am Legend” for animal reasons.

  • Cassay says:

    I’ve never seen Fido heard about it for the first time yesterday.

  • DavidRM says:

    Still no love for “Fido”… 😉

    I loved “Shaun of the Dead”, mostly for the LP-flinging scene, but the whole movie was a lot of fun.

    “Zombieland” was good fun too.