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April 22nd, 2009 by
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So this is my first unnecessary post on yet another unnecessary site that allows me to express my thoughts on things most people don’t.

But really, I’m trying to create a high class site in hopes that it can generate excitement around my writing and my book, My Blood Approves.

I’m currently making some edits on. I’ve decided (along with my teacher Tricia Johnson) that it moves too slowly at the beginning. So I’m trying to speed it up, by making edits.

Eventually, once I make the changes I need to make, I’ll post some links for it.

I don’t really know what I should I say on a professional site for writing. Obviously, I should talk about my book. But what is there to say?

After recently watching the hit film Scream 2 (the best in the Scream franchise perhaps?), I was thinking about my book. I think what I was attempting to do with my book (not necessarily succeeded at) was what Kevin Williamson did with Scream in comparison with other slasher flicks. He made them smart, self-aware, witty, but they were respectful and abided by the rules of the predecessors. That’s what I wanted to do with My Blood Approves in comparison with Twilight and all the other vampire romance cluttering the book shelves.

Was I successful? You tell me, folks that actually read my book. All three of you. Well… how many people have read my book now? Wow. Seven people. That’s the most anyone has ever read anything I wrote ever. For true.

So that is exciting. And they all loved it. Supposedly.

At any rate, I think this concludes my first post.

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  • Amanda I’ve always wanted to be a full-time author and you deeply inspired me to do the same & make it a reality with your tireless work ethic… I love these posts showing your journey from the beginning – you are truly entertaining the world one reader at a time (and counting ;)))

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been checking this site periodically for a while now, and reading all of this recent blogs, this one isn’t very recent. But I thought it’d be fun to check it out.

    Makayla A. <3

  • Redblog says:

    Hi! Amanda, I’ve been writing for some time and now I’m doing a blog about it. I just found out about you and you´re story is very inspiring, hope you have a great career. My blog is if you want to take a visit.

  • Martin says:

    It’s inspirational to see all that you’ve accomplished thus far!

  • Esmer says:

    I can’t believe that only two people (now three) have commented on your first post!

  • agyw says:

    Amanda, I love this beginning. Hindsight being 20/20 and all. Funny thing, I write and illustrate for kids, have fantasized (dreamt as in recurring) since reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula when I was twelve (don’t ask, suffice it to say, that was numerous decades ago). Have had a graphic novel in the back of my head, but now I’m waiting for the hooplah to die back so I can do my version so the comparison isn’t automatic. Thinking about self-publishing my nearly acceptable other kids work (and maybe some adult work, so I can write the kid work come hell or high). And then I hear about you. You usurper you! Congratulations on all your success, but now I have to wait another decade (not really, just feels that way) to write my version of the Vampyre. And that whole self-publishing thing. Yah, I guess, I have to read your entire blog, but I’m loving your journey! And so far I appreciate the post on the infamous boy kisses. Sad when it’s okay to watch heads get blown off, towns swept away, hate spilling out of people’s mouth, but affection, can be meted out like the haves and have nots. Yay you!

  • Martin says:

    LOl, think a few more then 7 have read your book now?