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April 23rd, 2009 by
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I cut 3.5K words from my book and rearranged my chapters in hopes of making the book more fast paced and enticing. Did I succeed? Doubtful.

Why did I wrote this book, tho?
-I like writing
-I really really really wanna get published
-I like everything in the book

If this book were a song, it would be called “A Few of My Favorite Things.” But it wouldn’t be in The King and I.

Look, I’ve read a lot of vampire books and teen books, and I think they talk down to the audience. I wanted to write something that stayed true to the things they enjoyed (i.e. boys, money, sex) but that wasn’t so stupid or contrived. I wanted something smart and funny, but still attract that same girl that’s obsessing over Twilight and Gossip Girl.

But I also wanted to write something for people like me. People who really really enjoy Molly Ringwald, but really really enjoyed Not Another Teen Movie when they made of fun how tragically unique she was. You get what I’m saying?

I love Twilight, but it had some issues. I wanted to mock it and stay true to it. That’s a very fine line to walk.

Did I do it? Only time will tell.