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Gary Busey is the only person I know that’s less photogenic than me

May 6th, 2010 by
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This blog title is misleading because I don’t know Gary Busey. It should be “know of.” But I’m leaving it. I’m hoping to entice you with misinformation.

But here’s some accurate information, along with the explanation of the title: The Rochester Post Bulletin ran an article about me yesterday. Egads! I’m famous! (not really)

But it is a good article (and a not-so-good photo – I look terrified or pissed off or sad). The next photo op I have, I’m making my good friend Hannah do it and take good pictures. So I look happy and normal and less serial-killer-y.

Anyway – the article is good. But I felt uncomfortable talking about my book. I never felt like modesty was my strong suit, but I don’t like anything that sounds like bragging. And going, “I wrote this and its so great and look what I can do” feels so… wrong. 

So I spent the majority of the interview rambling about things. I also mentioned Red Bull. A lot. But this is all part of my plan to get a free lifetime supply of Red Bull. I will succeed in this endeavor. 

I also mentioned (but it didn’t make it to print) the obscene amount of support I get from my friends. I honestly don’t anyone that has a group of friends as tightnit as we are, and without the Clique, I definitely don’t think I’d have the confidance to do this and try things I could fail it.

Not that I’m a success yet, but… in a way, trying in of itself is a success for me. 

So. There you have it. That’s the news on my first big news story. 

Also – after searching a few blogs, I’ve decided to have a big send up for the release of Flutter – including giveaways! Yes! Free thing(s)! And news! I’ll probably doing a blog tour at the end of May/beginning of June, but the details on that are still a tad sketchy. So… we’ll wait and see.

I am arbitrarily picking May 29th as the release date for Flutter! (This is slightly subject to change because I can’t guarantee when Kindle have uploaded.  But the 29th will be the big “party” and the absolute latest day the book will be up.)

(And My Blood Approves and Fate are still both $.99 for Kindle!)

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