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Frostfire & Fun

October 15th, 2014 by
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So I have several fun things to tell you about Frostfire

First, there’s currently a giveaway going on through my publisher for a Frostfire gift pack – which includes the book, pins, and really sweet fingerless gloves. To enter the giveaway, go: here. And you should enter now because it only goes until October 21st.

(And seriously. I love the gloves so much. I’m gonna wear them everyday forever).

It is only open to residents of the US, because it’s through the US publisher, but I will always keep you posted about any giveaways, including international.

The next bit of fun news is that in preparation for the release of Frostfire, there is a Trylle re-read going on over at Goodreads. Along with having a place for readers to talk about all their thoughts on the series, there will also be giveaways going on for each of the Trylle books. (The Switched giveaway has already ended, but the Torn one is starting up in a few days and Ascend will be in November).

I’ll also be stopping in throughout the re-read to answer questions about the Trylle books. So if you’ve had any burning questions about the series, now is the perfect time to ask. To check out the re-read, go: here.

And onto the final bit of news: An excerpt from Frostfire is now posted on Wattpad. You can read the sneak peak: here. (If you’re unfamiliar with Wattpad, it’s a great site where people can post original works and get feedback from other readers. I’ve also posted excerpts from the Watersong series, and I’m sure I’ll be posting more stuff there in the future).

The excerpt itself is the first chapter of FrostfireThe Kanin Chronicles takes places four years after the events in the Trylle, but the Prologue starts out right after the ending of Ascend

I have so much fun stuff for Frostfire and the Kanin Chronicles for the next few months, and I’m soooooo excited for you guys to read the book.

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  • So very exciting!! We are in this exact same stage in life and completely understand the internal struggle. Best of luck on your new adventure! Can’t wait to see the beautiful home you guys.pick out… Know you will style it just here,love you post.

  • erecia says:

    I can not wait for this series. I just finished rereading Switched, Torn and Ascend about a month ago. Thank you for writing the spin off!

  • Looking forward to reading this new series.