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November 3rd, 2010 by
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Don’t forget to check out the big giveaway for paperbacks of Switched and Torn. – enter here. Also, Stacey Wallace Benefiel’s giveaway is only going on until Friday, and she has a lot of great prizes there, so be sure to enter her giveaway!

Yesterday, I posted the new covers for the Trylle Trilogy. Thanks to your feedback, I made some changes to the font color to make it pop more. Hopefully it worked.

I also put an excerpt for Torn. You can read it: here. I decided to go with the second chapter because the first chapter kinda works as a bridge between the two books. I think the first chapter is necessary to the overall story, but there’s more action in the second one. So there you have it.

Also, I posted a teaser two months ago from Torn. You can read that: here. I think I’ve changed some things grammatically from the teaser in the past two months, but it’s otherwise intact.

What you don’t know is that I had a character named “Ian” in Torn. In the first outline, he had…. a different role. Smaller. Then the character became larger, and I started thinking about how much I didn’t like the name Ian. At least not in the context. It just felt too small and whiny.

But I didn’t want to slow down working on the book, so I kept the name Ian and finished the book. I edited and thought about something different to call him, but I didn’t find anything that was right.

Then today, when I have hardly any time left to fix and tweak things, it came to me. And I found the perfect name. Bells chimed. Angels sung. A halo glowed over the computer.

And now I’m content.

This always happens to me in crunch time. I changed the ending to Wisdom like two weeks before it came out. I reworked a chapter in Hollowland right before it came out, adding a whole new scene. Inspirition only hits when the a deadline looms.

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