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Dream Casting

April 2nd, 2015 by
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As you probably know, I’ve gotten really into Pinterest, and you can follow me at if you’d like. With the countdown for Ice Kissed continuing (only 33 more days until it’s released into the wild!), I thought it would be fun to create a dream cast for Ice Kissed. 

It’s not exactly perfect – Emily Browning’s eyes are much lighter than how I’d pictured Ember’s, for example – but they’re all pretty close to how I envisioned the characters.

The great thing about books, though, is that everyone can picture characters differently, and I would love to see how you guys envision the cast. If you’d like to add your own ideas for the cast of the Kanin Chronicles, follow my Pinterest board, and I’ll add you to it, so you can pin your dream cast. Or you can just check out the board to see what other people think.

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  • Jo Grafford says:

    My favorite character is Loki. 🙂

  • Jayziel Khim Budino says:

    My favorite character in all of your books is Loki, why? Because he has the courage to defy the kingdom where be was suppose to be allies with just to save the girl that he loves. Not to mention that he’s too sweet

  • Kylinn says:

    I seem unable to get this site with my RSS reader, and I don’t see a feed icon on this page. Please, what is your new RSS feed address? Thanks.