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April 14th, 2010 by
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As you may have heard, my soon-to-be-hit novel, My Blood Approves, is for sale on The eBook still isn’t up, but it should be soon. Like tomorrow. 

Eric, my beloved gay roommate, has pointed out that I’ve spent more time promoting the brilliant televesion program SouthLAnd on TNT than I do my own brilliant book. So I’m going to be plugging it, and you’re going to like it.

My Blood Approves is available on, and its sequels should be up soon. (I have some editorial changes to correct before they go live.)

Tomorrow is a new episode of Vampire Diaries, of which I’m very excited for. I’m team Damon all the way, but Stefan is growing on me. Also tomorrow is a new episode of Community, perhaps the greatest show ever made for TV. 

At any rate, I suspect that tomorrow, I’ll talk about Vampire Diaries and recommend you buy my book. I might also post an excerpt tomorrow, and new links about the eBook. And tell you things about future books in the series. 

So you might want to check back on that.

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