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Crystal Kingdom Playlist

July 2nd, 2015 by
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I love listening to music when I write, and the full list of songs I listened to while writing Crystal Kingdom added up to 27 songs. I narrowed it down to the best 14 that fit the feel of the novel. My favorite song on the list is Aston’s cover of “Bulletproof” (originally performed by La Roux, which I also love so much). In Crystal Kingdom, Chapter 51: Dallience was written specifically around that song. It really set the scene so perfectly.

Here’s the YouTube playlist that includes all 14 songs on the playlist, plus a track list below.

1. Aston – “Bulletproof”
2. The Airborne Toxic Event – “Sometime Around Midnight”
3. Blondfire – “Dear In Your Headlights”
4. Broods – “Never Gonna Change”
5. Family of the Year – “Hero”
6. Fauntella Crow – “Delicate”
7. John Newman – “Love Me Again”
8. Jon E. K. – “Cold World”
9. L’anarchiste – “Juneau”
10. Mapei – “Don’t Wait”
11. MisterWives – “Vagabond”
12. of Verona – “Castles”
13. Vitamin String Orchestra – “Change (In the House of Flies)”
14. Meg Myers – “Make a Shadow”

If you haven’t preordered Crystal Kingdom yet, and you’d like to, here are some ways you can do it:

iBookstore – for ebook 
Barnes & Noble – for paperback, ebook, hardcover, & audio
Amazon – for paperback, ebook, hardcover, & audio
Indiebound – for paperback, hardcover, & audio 
Powell’s– for paperback
Books-a-Million– for paperback, hardcover, & audio 
Booktopia (Australia) – for paperback 
Waterstones (UK) – for paperback

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  • sabrina trout says:

    you should post the full book on the interneti bet youmore people wouldwant to by it if you did love these books my faviriote.

  • Hay Hay says:

    Gosh! I love it when you put Meg Myers and Fauntella Crow on the playlists! They have such meaningful and good songs!

  • libraryluv says:

    do you have playlists for the other books??

  • Sarah says:

    I love the fact that you add playlists for the books, it adds a whole different dimension to what I read. I plan on reading the book first with out the music then listening to see if the songs match my perspective. I can’t wait till August to read this book!

  • Anna says:

    Loved it. How do I get a download